wheelockfreak's Fire Alarm Collection

Current Fire Alarm Collection:

Panels, Annunciators and Keypads:
Honeywell 6160CR-2 Fire Keypad

Pull Stations:

Siemens HMS-D Addressable Pull Station

Vintage Coded Couch

Vintage Coded Autocall Pull Station

I will post pictures after school.


What happened to your 4051’s, 7002T’s, 4903 plates, et cetera?

I don’t have any of those, except the BG-12 Pull Station and SpectrAlert Advance Strobe.

That’s a good collection so far. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I had you confused with “wheelockalarms” from YouTube. (Doh!)

Nice collection so far. The Siemens pull station that you have; I’ve seen them at the Harbor Cinemas near Ludington.

I got those devices, which is a 6160CR-2 Fire Keypad and a Siemens HMS-D from Koorsen Fire and Security for free.

Koorsen Fire and Security is a large family-owned fire protection and security protection company for those who don’t know that company.

More pictures:

New device!

I now have a SpectrAlert SP2R1224MC Speaker/Strobe.

Pictures will be tomorrow night after I get back home from school.