When do the warning sirens in your area get tested

When do the warning sirens in your area get tested?
I live in the Bismarck/Mandan area of North Dakota. The siren system here gets tested the last Friday of every month at 9:30 AM during tornado season. I believe this applies to the entire counties of Burleigh and Morton in ND.

Sadly the lone siren in my town never tests. (It is active though) But my homemade siren tests every Wednesday between 11 and noon.
Edit: now that school has started my siren tests when I remember to do it.

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My city tests them every wednesday at 1:00 pm

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I live in Arizona, and all of our weather sirens have been off for years. We do however have weekly EAS tests. We only have 1 “tornado” a year, and besides severe thunderstorms, we don’t have many weather emergencies.

I wish we still had them connected, they haven’t removed all of them.


Hey! Could you please send pictures! I’m interested in creating my own! I’ve tried before but my model got flooded with water!

I will DM you some pictures of it.

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Ours get tested at 12:00 PM each Wednesday.

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1st Wednesday of the month at noon. Although, siren tests in my area are getting rarer and rarer.

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the first wednesday of every month

Same here in Omaha. Although the caveat is that if it is below 40 degrees, they don’t do it.

Here in Dallas, we test them on the first Wednesday of every month at noon and, I once got to hit the button to set them off.

In Chicago/Chicago suburbs, we test them the first Tuesday of every month at 10:00 AM

First Monday of every month at Noon

That seems to be the most common time.

I should add that they test it at 11:00 AM. Then 15 minutes later KIH61 and the other OAX stations run the RWT. However recently they switched away from going live to do the RWT to having Paul do it.