when dumpster diving pays off.

Got an old Gamewell INS-2 panel.

And the annunciator and one NA I don’t know if it works or not yet.

Looks very interesting to me, and it sure was a lucky shot at finding such a system. Hopefully, you’ll get it up and running soon.

Wow, that’s like the panel in my high school…

Yeah hope to play with it this weekend. I heard that during testing it took a “dump” it lost some of its programming. I guess not all the zones would show up, like it would still go into alarm but not tell you what zone. They made it sound like some of the zones would still show up.

This panel is actually addressable and all the white boxes are zone modules.

It was made in the 1990s when Cerberus Pyrotronics owned Gamewell. They had an identical panel under their name. This one is missing the case obviously but it looks like this:

I’ve seen the zone modules too, there are two heat detectors (Edwards rate of rise) in the ceiling of the theatre that are connected to two of these modules. Also on fire drill day I noticed the LCD display on the panel was able to identify exactly what device was activated.

Yeah I was hoping to get the cabinet too. Its big and is red and black. But they used it as a junction box for like 4 wires lol oh well. Now if I can only find the manual.

Whoa, Cerberus Pyrotronics owned Gamewell?! When did they acquire them, and when did they let them go? I wouldn’t be surprised if they let go of Gamewell after they acquired Faraday, and then became Siemens’s fire alarm division.
I think Honeywell is a better parent company for Gamewell than Siemens would’ve been (especially with the junk Siemens has out NOW.)

I don’t know dates, but I can provide proof… I have a smoke detector from the 1990s that says “GAMEWELL” and in very small print “A member of the CERBERUS Group”

I’ll dig out a magnifying glass and my camera and take a picture if you want to see.

Pretty cool. Of course, Siemens wouldn’t support that Gamewell stuff anymore. Even your high school, which is now serviced by SimplexGrinnell!

Finally had some time to play with it. Hooked up the CZI for zone 1 and 3 so far and funny thing is it shows what zone is in alarm so still don’t know what they are talking about maybe the problem is in the higher zones lol.

Huh- I just noticed something about yours… it appears to have no display.
On the panel I posted that picture of, there is an LCD-like display above the top row of buttons on the panel. I just noticed yours does not have that… interesting.

I see a 7-segment LED display on both pictures, but I dont see a LCD unit on either one. Are you sure its an LCD display on your pic and not a 7 segment LED?

it has both.

Ah, well I cant make out the LCD anywhere on it. But anyways, good luck on getting it up and running!

Well I have not done much with this panel with all the missing modules. This summer they are doing phase two of the fire alarm upgrade. And turns out must of the stuff I was missing was still in the building above the ceiling. so was able to do more dumpster diving. haha think I need to stay from it now they keep trashing so much stuff. But I’m still missing the module for Zone 9 but oh well. I hope to set it up and wire it all up and test it and put video on youtube soon.

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Nice! There’s nothing like free fire alarms! :smiley:

Reminds me of the stuff I got from Massasoit College, except it wasn’t really through dumpsters. It all began during my fall 2009 semester, when I learned that the box of alarm parts they had in the Fine Arts building’s prop room was eventually going to be dumped. I asked if I could take several of the parts and they said sure (they also had a fire alarm technician there at the time, working on the alarm used to warn of water leakage in the basement.) So in the process, I got some of those “mystery light plates” (like a Simplex 4050-80 but larger, with the horn flush-mounted behind it or surface-mounted in front of it, and no light circuitry), many Faraday 6020 horns, some Simplex 2903-9001 light plates and several 2098-9536 4-wire detector bases. And thus started my fire alarm collecting!
Then in early 2010, I learned that this box of alarm parts in the Humanities building was to be tossed out soon:

So I asked the custodian if I could salvage stuff from it and he said “Help yourself,” and in the process I got many Simplex 4251-20 pull stations (I only have two now; others I traded or sold), a Faraday F1G Chevron pull, a Standard 200177 pull station, several Simplex 4265s and a Chemtronics 601 heat sensor, a System Sensor 2451TH smoke detector, and some Faraday 2701-K strobe plates (again I only now have one of them.)
The 4251-20s were pretty dirty, a few of them had the levers pulled and a couple were broken, but I cleaned them and fixed them up (it also helped to have a couple of B-keys handy!)

(I had to re-type and re-post this whole thing; on my first attempt I just got a message saying “The submitted form was invalid. Try submitting again.”)

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Haha nice find wiley2009. I would of wanted to take the hole box haha.

I also got two system sensor duct detectors. that i need to work out how they had them hooked up to the modules.

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