When was the Gentex GMH discontinued?

My school was built in 2001. It has a Notifier system with Commander 2s and ONE Gentex GMH!

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The GMH was discontinued because, like all electromechanical horns, it draws a lot of current from the NAC; electronic signals draw far less current and by this time, the SHG and GOS were available. It didn’t make sense to continue to make mechanical horns when an electronic horn could do the job with far less current draw.

Hang on, was the GMH outside?

it was an indoor/outdoor device

i asked when it was discontinued. not why it was

The Wayback Machine has cached pages for Gentex’s website… including the page on the GMS and GMH. It appears in their product line page as of 2002, but is no longer present as of 2003. So, if you don’t mind a rough approximation, it was discontinued probably sometime between the years of 2002 and 2003

By this time, the Commander 2, 3, and 4 series, GX series, GOS/GOT series, and SHG/HG series were all out, as well as the SPK-series speakers.

If your school was built in 2001, you may have had some of the last of the mechanical horns ever produced specifically for fire alarm use, as by this time most every other manufacturer had started moving away from mechanical and onto electronic.

Thank you! I did not know they made it until that time.