When was the Simplex 2901-9838 Introduced?

I was just very curious as to when it was introduced. I can’t find any information on the year that horn was introduced.

I am guessing between 1980-1986 because the 9833 was introduced 1976-1978 and Destin has a 2903 with a 9833 horn, yet it has a 9838 cover, and its circa 1983.

That horn with the 9838 cover was removed from a school built in 1989. I’m assuming it was a way to use old stock and still have the vandal-resistant cover.

I would guess the 9838 (Faraday 6120) came out between 1985-1987. Many Simplex 4001/4002 systems I’ve seen have them, but I don’t think I’ve seen them on any system earlier than that.

I was in a building built in 1982, and it had a simplex 2001, 4251-30s, and 2903s with 2901-9838s. I have also seen a video twoplyboy posted that had 9838s from 1987.

Why have that cover? There weren’t many people interested in fire alarms back then.

The fire alarm collecting community was small from the time it started and grew when ebay was founded in 1995.

Not sure what that has to do with people being interested in fire alarms. As I mentioned, the 9838 cover was probably to protect the horn’s diaphragm.

What it has to do with people being interested in fire alarms? 6 words: “I owe you one fire alarm” :lol:

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MAYBE, just maybe he meant it like this:

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That is not grammatically correct. If you wanted it to be dramatic, you would want to say “I owe you one… fire alarm”

Also, why are we talking about the collecting community? The OP only wanted to know when the horn was introduced.

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