Where Did SER Safety Go?

Recently, I have noticed the YouTuber SER Safety (https://www.youtube.com/@SERSafety/undefined) has seemingly disappeared. His YouTube channel is still up, but he hasn’t posted a video in nearly a month! Normally he posts around every week, but no activity in over a month. A similar thing happened with 4050-80 (https://www.youtube.com/@FourtyFiftyEighty/undefined) only he hasn’t posted in only around 10 days, with new videos being regularly posted. Any ideas?

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Not sure if Grant (SER Safety) works full or part time but I believe he is a volunteer firefighter, something that takes a lot of time from you. In terms of 4050-80, a good friend of mine, he is currently in college and has been very busy.

He’s a (I believe) full time military firefighter which is a very time consuming job

Ser is a military firefighter which can be a very hard and demanding job
4050-80 is currently in College, but he’s pretty active on discord tho

College has been busy. I have a new video set to release tomorrow though


Good to see you again

On top of the other legendary creators. I’m not sure if anyone on here has pointed this out yet but if you all remember Wheelove Fire Alarms with the Fire Alarm Fails series that the last video he made was New Years 2023 celebration.

I was thinking about making my own episode of Fire Alarm Fails with 100 top fails within this year and past year since we all love those

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He hasn’t uploaded on his other channel either. But, as others have said, he’s probably really busy being a military firefighter.

I’ve also considered bringing back Fire Alarm Fail episodes.