Where to get cabinets?

Where do you guys typically get cabinets for bigger panels? I’m looking for a 4100U cabinet but they seem to be few and far between, not to mention expensive and costly to ship.

Would I have any luck asking my local JCI or another local fire alarm company?

The 4100U was discontinued over a decade ago.

4100ES cabinets appear to be identical except for the style, though. (I’ve seen a 4100U that was expanded with some 4100ES cabinets.)

I do know the 4100ES cabinets are interchangable with the 4100U cabinets since the bays mount pretty much the same way, so I am looking for either cabinet. Even an older 4100 Classic/+ cabinet might work, but I’m having trouble finding any of these

Using an old 4100 cabinet would require a retrofit kit.

I have a couple of used 4100 cabinets and doors available. They wouldn’t be cost effective to ship though. I’m in Cincinnati if you are anywhere near here.