Which company has the best style of walk test?

Best walk test?

  • Simplex
  • EST
  • Notifier/Firelite
  • Silent Knight
  • Mircom
  • Other (please specify)

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What is the best style of walk test?

Although I am not a technician who works on systems for a living, Simplex walk test seems the most intuitive.

I don’t even think EST panels have built in walk test modes. Maybe a tech can confirm this.

They do have walk test. The fire shield has it, the EST 2 and 3 can be programmed and scripted to have it, and the older 66 series panels have it except it’s called installation verification, but works the same way. The only EST panel that doesn’t have walk test is the QuickStart.

Never been exposed to a walk test before but since I’m biased for Simplex devices I automatically voted for them. XD

The newer panels have it but it’s only for 1 device per zone. That’s what I dislike about the VS series, especially if it’s conventional. We have a VM series panel that has it, and you can select which floors you want on walktest. Most confusing/hated is the EST/Edwards ESA 2000s. Putting those in walktest is a nightmare and doesn’t even work most times. Every Quickstart or EST 2/3 panel I’ve tested never has walktest programmed on it, which sucks usually. But as long as it’s addressable it really doesn’t matter if the panel has walktest or not.

But I’d have to go with Mircom. Putting the FA-1000 into walktest is a breeze, and the most simple out of any panel.

Yeah, Mircom’s walktest works the exact same way as simplex

I’m a fan of Simplex since it’ll honk the horn (or speak through the speaker) for whatever zone/address you are testing.

Only Simplex alarms are able to do that?