Which control panel?

I have been looking around for some advice, and this seems like the right place to come. We have recently had a small fire in our garage, and it wasn’t until the neigbor knocked on our door and pointed out the smoke that we noticed. We managed te extinguish it there and then, but because we have a lot of soldering and welding equipment down there, I am getting concerned about the fire risks. I was looking for a budget fire alarm system I could have throughout our house. I only really have a budget of 90-100 pounds for the control panel, but it is really hard to find a cheap system. Does anybody know where I can get a control panel for such a price?


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Very little of our members are from the UK – I assume that you are because you said “pounds”.

I’m chatting with a collector who lives near London that is not a member and I’ll post his response.

I don’t know British fire alarm panels / systems very well since I live in America, so yeah.

While you wait have a look at our FAQ for buying a panel:

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yes, I am from the UK, and it is very hard to find anything on Ebay because most panels have been converted from the doller, and I dont like Paypal conversions. I have tried looking on proper retailers sites, but I really dont know the difference between all the conventional stuff, ECT :stuck_out_tongue: