Which pull station should I use in my next system test?

Which Pull Station Should I Use In My Next System Test video?

  • Simplex 4251-21L Local Alarm T-Bar
  • Simplex 4251-13 Local Alarm ‘Chevron’
  • Faraday 10123-1 ‘Arrow Handle’
  • Notifier LNG-1R
  • None of the above (suggest below)

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Poll question is above.

You can only vote once, so be careful! :smiley:

Also, if you don’t like the choices, feel free to select the None of the Above option and suggest a pull station you want to see instead. It needs to be in my collection though; my collection list is located on the ‘About’ page of my YouTube channel. Happy voting! :slight_smile:

I actually think that this topic should be in the User Created Fire Alarm Media board rather than here since it has to do with you creating a new system test.

I agree. Moderators can move it if they want; I don’t feel like making the thread all over again. It might just get more views in that section too lol.


This video is already uploaded, and the 4251-21L won! I will continue to utilize this thread for future request system tests.

I’m surprised nobody wanted the Notifier LNG-1R. I thought that was a rare pull.

It is, but over the summer they went up on eBay from a fellow collector who had gotten them from a building that was replacing their alarm system. There was 6 available, and lots of people got them from that listing. I personally dislike plastic pull stations but I understand it’s for the cost of making metal pull stations. I prefer older ones because of this, as many older pull stations are metal instead of plastic; although my newest collection item is a Notifier NBG-12L. Thought that was long overdue, so I went for it. It’s pretty nice, but compared to most of my metal pull stations, it’s not as well-made, at least from a quality standpoint. However, there are some brands that make much cheaper ones as far as quality is concerned. So overall for modern pulls, it’s pretty good.

I need to make a website for my collection and put up pictures, but that would take a long time. Not exactly creating the website as I’d use a free website service where you can pick templates from, but the pictures are what I feel would be longer. I have some limited HTML coding experience, but the last I tried to use it I couldn’t remember how, as I’d taken the class at school about 3 years ago, and I bet half of the things I learned then are different than they are now, because technology is constantly changing.