White Siemens horn/strobe with a cover on it.

In the restroom of a grocery store in my area that just opened, there is a white Siemens horn/strobe with a translucent cover on it that says something like “remove after installation” or something. However the cover was never removed. It’s still on the NA.

tell someone or do it yourself lol

thats a hazard


I wouldn’t necessarily recommend doing it yourself because technically that could be considered tampering with a life safety system… but clearly the cover needs to come off, so if you tell building management and it’s still not removed if you “conveniently” happened to “bump against it” and knock the cover off then I don’t think anyone would be upset over it. Although I wonder why they chose a horn strobe over just a strobe for a restroom in the first place?

Reminds me of that time I saw a tiny handicapped restroom with a Wheelock 8-inch speaker/strobe in it… AND there was another speaker/strobe right outside that room!!!

But hey, at least it wasn’t a 2901-9846!

… and thankfully not ASses either… :twisted:

Oh yeah, those AS signals are awful! They look great and really are probably one of the “flagship” fire alarms of the early 2000s era along with the SpectrAlert Classic, but they’re ear splitting loud!

To the speaker strobe though, seeing those in restrooms seems a little more common since speakers aren’t quite as attention-getting as horn strobes.

Yeah the cover certainly needs to come off. The cover blocks the strobe. I could take it off and put it on the floor when I’m in the restroom and no one else is in there and that way it would look like it was bumped into accidentally and the cover came off.

Honestly if you’ve mentioned it to management and no action has been taken just “conveniently” bumping against it and knocking it off would be the best course of action. And hell I’d just throw it out at that point because really, nobody is going to question who dared to remove the little plastic cover off a signal when that cover says “remove before use” and obstructs the signal from operating properly.

Just take the thing off when no one’s looking and don’t have a fuss about it.

Would this be the Publix that just opened in Virginia? Someone told me about the HS’s in the restrooms.

Quick Question: What alarm was it?

A white Siemens horn/strobe…

Probably a rebranded Wheelock ZNS.

Okay I got the brand wrong. It’s not Siemens, but Edwards. It’s this one.

<LINK_TEXT text=“"edwa - Google Search … OgVv7NIhQM”>https://www.google.com/search?q=“edwards”+“fire+alarm”+“white”&tbm=isch&imgil=5s_faHZVPCFy0M%253A%253BNiu_LUkN2PsZ8M%253Bhttps%25253A%25252F%25252Fwww.grainger.com%25252Fproduct%25252FEDWARDS-SIGNALING-Horn-Strobe-16X351&source=iu&pf=m&fir=5s_faHZVPCFy0M%253A%252CNiu_LUkN2PsZ8M%252C_&usg=__3tdNpszk1OPau628Qdw9YOPuaC4%3D&biw=1440&bih=788&ved=0ahUKEwinnvTCsf_VAhVJNiYKHXmFDyUQyjcINQ&ei=-OimWafCK8nsmAH5ir6oAg#imgrc=vsV3OgVv7NIhQM</LINK_TEXT>:

I’ve never seen a siemens strobe come with a cover, so that makes more sense.