Who here loves tornados

Who here loves tornadoes of all kind and size

I liked watching them in YouTube videos, but that’s it. I’ve never seen them in person and I wouldn’t want to (especially the bigger ones). I’ve only heard of 1 tornado hitting my area on the news during hurricane Harvey and I never saw or heard it. I didn’t get a tornado warning until getting a call saying there’s a tornado. Luckily it was one of those weaker tornadoes but it still did some damage in the Northern part of my area.

It’s quite a thrilling experience, but it’s definitely not fun going through an actual one. Most of the ones in my area are generally weak though.

As a midwesterner - yes.

I, for quite a long time, vowed to be a storm chaser, but then this hobby hit me as a better fit. I still like it when you can get a good picture of a tornado, with just the right natural effects. We don’t get many in the coulee region, and most are weak. Sadly, most occur later in the day where a photo would be hard to get.

(not to bump) March 31 2013 Down in hendersonville, North Carolina, eating breakfast in the waffle house tornado sirens blared Mu dad had a 2013 F-250 with federal q2b, hadley e-tone 21 inch air horns and a cut away body. We saw an ef-1 that shaped to an ef-3 and it was magnificent thankfully no fatalities but an estimate of 8.6 Million dollars worth of damage 2 sirens were destroyed. I think this was worse then chasing the more OK tornado

I adore tornadoes, I obsess over them a lot.
I have a TikTok account and I have been posting videos on that account of me doing intercepts on twisted Roblox

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