Why are there door sensors on the balcony door in a hotel I recently?

I recently stayed at a hotel, I was on the 33 floor, and the balcony door had 2 door sensors on it.

Door sensor 1 was a Honeywell door sensor. It looked like this:

Door sensor 2 was an “X10” door sensor that looked like this:

Does anyone have any idea on why there are these sensors on the balcony door and what they are used for?

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They may be for climate control to shut of the HVAC when the door is open. My hotel that I stayed at a few months ago in Hawaii had some hardwired contact sensors on the doors.

Your hotel room may have a security system built-in. Possibly a Vista panel or a Lynx panel, if door sensor one is a 5816 wireless door contact sensor… The x10 Sensor might be wireless communicating to one of the x10 modules that has a relay in it (which it can switch heavy loads) which is possibly controlling (what aerhardt said) controlling the HVAC system or a PTAC unit.

A few years ago I stayed at the Hyatt centric Miami and there was a wired generic door contact. It was tied into the hvac system so the hvac shut off when you opened the sliding glass door. The room as in the 16th floor and didn’t have a fire escape, so I’d assume that. I would think that might be the same case for you, but that’s weird that there was a 5800 Honeywell sensor because normally those are for security. It could be for the hvac using a Z wave compatible device. You would need to check for an alarm box possibly, motion sensor, and remnants from an alarm system to determine it was one.

First, this hotel I was staying at was also in Miami. Second, there was a box in the hotel room closet that was about the same size as a security panel box and the key was conveniently inside the lock but when I opened it, there was a board with a bunch of terminals at the bottom like a security panel but the board didn’t look look like a vista system. Also, whenever we opened the balcony door, it did shut off the HVAC because I remember the thermostat showing a little door icon and the thermostat didn’t work until we shut the door. So there might have been a security system? Maybe one sensor was for the HVAC and the 2nd sensor was for a security system?

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That’s probably it, but I’m still wondering why they would have a security system in a hotel room.

Could’ve been an apartment at one time maybe?

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