Why can’t you find fire alarms in home improvement stores?

I know that eBay and Amazon are places where you can get fire alarms, but one thing that I wonder is why can’t you find commercial fire alarms in home improvement stores like Home Depot, or Lowe’s? Contractors do tend to go to Home Depot to buy building supplies from them (they get discounts there), so in that case, wouldn’t it make sense if they sell commercial fire alarms there.

Home Depot used to sell EST/Edwards/Kidde on their website. But they removed them and said it was not manufactured anymore. Good question!

Did they? Do you have any proof like a snapshot from archive.org?

I have a link:

<LINK_TEXT text=“https://www.homedepot.com/p/Edwards-Sig … /204985086”>https://www.homedepot.com/p/Edwards-Signaling-E-FSC-3-Zone-Conventional-Fire-Alarm-Control-Panel-E-FSC302RD/204985086</LINK_TEXT>

Type that into your search bar. They also had 270-SPOs.

Well, I think it’s only used for high-rise buildings.

What is? Some of your posts are confusing!

The alarms.

No, they can be used for any type of building, not just high rise.

I’m thinking that the reason that they don’t sell them or don’t sell them anymore is that most people would rather have their fire safety equipment bought from the company itself so they know for a fact that it is approved by fire codes.

Good point!

Another reason why is because nobody living in a residential home needs to have that big of a system in their home, nor do they need expensive equipment to keep them safe, most smoke detectors are effective enough, as long as they are within 10 years old and are the right type of sensor, they work fine. The only people who might buy them are contractors, but most contractors buy their alarms elsewhere.

I can imagine that that if home improvement stores sold fire alarm NAs there would be some people who would buy them for their house mistakenly thinking that they will work like standalone smoke detectors. They would then need to have warnings on the front of the boxes of the NAs that they will not function as standalone smoke detectors.

Home Depot usually specializes in home improvement, I can understand them not having things that advanced. If someone needs FA equipment for their office, would Office Depot carry what they need?

On a serious note, I’m pretty sure its a liability thing.

No, Office Depot specializes in office supplies, FA systems are up to the contractors of the building and not retail businesses.

It was meant as a joke. I go to Office Depot all the time.


To prevent regular, uncertified people from working on fire alarm systems.