Why do we see wall mount alarms on the ceiling?

so we all have seen wall mounted devices on the celling but not all of us know the reason. There is a pretty good reason but it is still a code violation nontheless so here is the reason: when a contractor arrives at a building some times they relize that there are only celling spots and they have only wall units then they would have to return the units for celling units, in the contracting units time is money so they will just put the wall mont units on the celling. that is the reason we see this so much.

Some devices are actually rated for both wall and ceiling use, like the Spectralert advance, since the strobe flashes in every direction on both


that is true but think of the fire lettering

Yeah, but who really looks up at the ceiling to look at fire alarms?

just think of it when there is an emergancy

This is also possible, but contractors already are meant to have a plan of the system, so they know via the plans what types of alarms to put at certain locations. If it’s a new install, it’s mostly because of the contractors stock, limited time (Like you said), and a limited budget. It’s easier to use what you have than order from the supplier again.

If it’s a retrofit, there could be a ton of reasons. Since it’s a simple replacement of an old and dead device, the contractor may not have a ceiling mount device in the truck that does not work with the rest of the system, (Sync Protocol).

Or like @Alex_Wilkinson said, the device may be rated for both, and aesthetics don’t really matter. (Although Fire Lettering may be a concern)

I am not a Tech (Yet!), so I am using my limited knowledge collected from my research. If you are a tech please correct me.

Sometimes, you can’t see the fire lettering, if there is any. If it’s rated for ceiling, but is technically wall mount. You could probably figure out that it’s a fire alarm

yeah thats true but some people that i met did not even know what a fire alarm looks like (somehow)

I bet if one is going off you’d figure out what’s going on even if you didn’t know what a fire alarm looks like because of the code 3 tone. Point is, if it’s rated for either wall or ceiling, it can go in either and it won’t be a code violation

Would a wall mount Spectralert Classic be approved for use on the ceiling?

This one can be found in Costco right where they cook chicken in the back.

No I dont think that they are rated for celling mounting

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No, since the strobe doesn’t flash all directions