Why do you like fire alarms?

A more strange question, but today I went to get a glass of water and I saw my integrity on my counter and wondered “why?” and I can’t figure out why I am interested in fire alarms, nevertheless it’s a great hobby and a good way to learn about electronics, so why do you or are you interested into fire alarms?

I like electrical, and I think pulling fire alarms is fun. Fire alarm systems were the perfect hobby.

I like the way that some horns have different pitches.

I like fire alarms because of the many different varieties there is out there, and each alarm is unique. As Well, I love anything electrical! Because of my FA hobby, I took computer engineering tech at my high school for the past 4 years. We had a great teacher too, Mr. Laan (ironic name for a computer tech teacher), we learned stuff and used equipment that most people learn starting college or university. My hobby is also the reason I’m going to college to take an electrical techniques program.

I like fire alarms because it is a fun way to get into Electronics

I just observed that many people that collect fire alarms are interested in electronics. It looks like it is a great way to get into electronics.

I have also observed those who have an interest in fire alarms are also interested in tornado sirens, exit signs/emergency lights, computers, and burglar alarm systems. Not everyone has all of the listed interests, but at least two of the above, usually.

Well, chances are that if you found such an underground internet hobby community, you are spending plenty of time on your computer.

haha thats true :lol:

Mainly due to my Asperger’s and Autism. I always had an interest in the FA system in my old school (Simplex system with 4251 pulls and originally 4040 horns).

School had a nice system didn’t they

  • I like state-of-the-art technology, electronics, and complex systems.
  • Inversely, I also like archaic technology, antiques, and old electro-mechanical systems.
  • I like the way they sound. I have sound>color synesthesia, so pitched sound has always been an interesting stimulus for me.
  • My curiosity is always drawn to stuff that is off-limits to the public or scarcely known about.
  • Like any collector of anything, I’m fascinated by the diversity of different models and brands, as well as the rarity factor that some of them have.
  • I kind of enjoy the thrill of emergency situations. Any time a fire alarm has gone off in a building, I find myself excited rather than worried.

Same, but I bet everyone here will tell you that, because we are fire alarm enthusiasts.

During hurricanes, just as long as I can’t hear any damage being made, I get excited and relaxed. The only emergency I would probably get worried in would be a burglar situation.

You are not alone with Autism, a good number of people on the forums have it as well.

People with Asperger’s tend to be extremely smart.

Please don’t mind me asking but what is Autism?

“Autism is a disorder of neural development characterized by impaired social interaction and verbal and non-verbal communication, and by restricted, repetitive or stereotyped behavior.” - Wikipedia.org