Why don't gas stations have fire alarm systems?

Why don’t they have fire alarm systems? It would seem to make sense that they would, due to the high risk of there being a fire there.

Not all are absent of a fire alarm system.

In my area, the 7-Eleven and Sinclair both have systems.

When our Hy-Vee gas station was remodeled/expanded in 2011 or so, they installed an Ademco system with SpectrAlert Advance PCxW Horn/Strobes, BG-12s and a 6160CR-2. I’ve seen others as well.

[quote] Not all are absent of a fire alarm system.

In my area, the 7-Eleven and Sinclair both have systems.

Oh. Interesting. All the gas stations I’ve seen in my area lack fire alarm systems.

There is a pretty big gas station somewhere down in Fredericksburg, Virginia that has a fire alarm system consisting of red Wheelock NSes and RSSes. I forgot what pull station they are using there.

The gas station near my house had a Gentex SHG but when they remodeled they got a Classic Spectra.

why would you need a fire alarm system at a gas station? what’s the occupancy? like, 12?

the structure of a gas station wouldn’t normally pose a life safety issue, as most have two or three perimeter doors. Those that serve food usually have a hood system.

why/why not is up to your local AHJ depending on their requirements. we cannot answer why or why not, but as a general speculation, there isn’t a life safety concern.

Sheetz stores in the Harrisburg area have single-station 110v ionization detectors interconnected. Wawas out in the central PA (610 area code) region have, across the board, two or three smokes on a Napco fire alarm system (I know a guy who knows a guy who did those). Both of those aren’t just filling stations, they also prepare food, so there is always cooking going on and it’s usually always occupied by a few people around the clock. Both are most likely a company thing and not a required thing, as some newer ones are sprinklered and some aren’t. But if you’re talking about your local Shell or Sunoco station, it’s not likely that anyone will be trapped in there by a fire.

fire alarm system = life safety.

Not nesscerly

How so, Nathan?

I believe that he is referring to the fact that some alarms are local and you have to call the fire station to get a truck out there.

When he means life safety, he doesn’t mean complete life safety. Fire alarm systems don’t always detect a fire, and don’t always work. Many things can go wrong. I got a “Limitations of Fire Alarm Systems” pamphlet with all of the System Sensor devices that explained that.

Based on what they have there. Which is gasoline. Gasoline is an extremely flammable thing. That’s why a fire alarm system would perhaps be desireable.

Most gas stations have suppression systems that would take care of any fires in the pumping area.

LOL funny video! Yes, I forgot that they have those. That is why those buttons are there with the Stopper stations over them.

the fire alarm system is protecting the inside of the gas station store, not the pump area. how would you detect a fire in a pump area? it’s outside, you can’t use smoke or IR detectors. you’d have to use fixed-temperature heat detectors, but by the time a heat detector would trip, the fire would already be out of control. Plus, I’m sure most pumps have shutoffs which cut the fuel off somehow.

What is an IR detector?


A flame detector?

Yes, something like this:

In the case of a gas station, the fire detection system would be the employee on duty and the customers. Most of the time those stores are small enough that putting in a fire system is really just an extra expense. You could see a fire develop from anywhere in the store since you can see the whole space, even if it started in the storage area you would notice it pretty quickly. Sure, some cities or AHJS may require it, but for the most part they are not required in such an occupancy, so you will not see them. Most gas stations in my area have an emergency fuel cutoff button mounted to the front of the building to handle pump emergencies. Most 7-11s in my area have a standard residential smoke detector near the storage room area (I don’t know if they have one in the back or not). And in some of the larger stores that have bigger HVAC units you will see duct detectors (actually you will see the remote annunciator on the ceiling).