Why is it...

Did anybody notice that they call it a “washer” and “washing machine,” but not a “dryer” and"drying machine?"

It is just one of those thing that makes sence to add

Dryer machine probably sounded weird. I call my washing machine a “washer” anyway.

I also call it washer.

It could be because a “washer” is also a type of tool.


Or it could just be that “drying machine” doesn’t roll off the tongue that well.

Me, I tend to just call the washing machine “the wash”.

There’s “clothes dryer” and “tumble dryer” for dryers. I don’t really use either of those terms, but just call it a dryer.

Another thing, why do lots of people refer to a water heater as a “hot water heater”? You’re not heating hot water. If the water was hot already, you wouldn’t need to heat it.