Why is There a Strobe Mounted Above This Alarm?

Yesterday, I went to this one art museum that’s in a house (you can see more pics of the alarm system here. Anyway, at the museum, there was a speaker strobe mounted on a wall. Directly up from the strobe on the speaker strobe was another strobe, a remote strobe. Does anybody know why they installed it this way? Is it for extra strobe coverage, or what?

My guess is that maybe the speaker/strobe serves for general alarm purposes, while the remote strobe serves another purpose (gas leak, etc.).

Did you catch the label on the second strobe? It might be an ALERT strobe instead of a FIRE strobe.

It definitely said fire on it, making it a Simplex 4904-0008. Besides, does Simplex even make Alert strobes that look like their Fire strobes?

It seems odd that it’s like that. Maybe they originally had just the remote strobe there, but then later added a speaker/strobe however they never removed the remote strobe.

It looks as though it was all installed at around the same time, although I could be wrong. Even so, doing that seems just like a really lazy thing to do. If that were true, I think this would have to go in the bad installation jobs category. :lol:

I think they have a strobe maybe because if one of the strobes are broken. There will still be a strobe flashing if the system is in alarm, but instead up above the speaker/strobe or the opposite. I think it’s just a spare strobe just in case the other strobe stops working.

If that were the case, all of the other speaker/strobes would probably have strobes over them too. I don’t know. Probably the most logical reason is still for increased strobe coverage, but I have no clue why they decided to do it the way that they did.

Maybe it was a lazy replacement for a dead strobe on the speaker/strobe?

Cutting in a new back box, removing the existing unit to snake a wire from, installing a back box, installing a new strobe is NOT an easier solution than swapping out an existing unit.

Probably some type of indicator just because it says fire does not mean it is not used for another purpose.

The only thing people here can do is guess (and not very good guesses at that)

The thing about strobes is that, unless the lights are off, and the strobes are high candela, there is no way the average person will notice them going off unless they are staring at it all of the time. This is especially the case in some buildings, like some Walmarts, that have high up ceilings, and the strobes are pretty high up.

You’ve never seen a modern strobe, have you. They are like camera flashes.

Older non-ADA strobes had that issue though, but trust me–the new ones are quite noticeable in a bright room.