Wikipedia is blacking out

Starting at midnight tonight–and lasting for 24 hours-- Wikipedia is protesting internet laws the U.S. government is trying to ratify by shutting down its website for any access. Personally, I have never heard of any website choosing to close because of measures like this, but I can understand why; Internet users deserve to surf the web freely without any means of censorship. I can’t even imagine what having a censored Internet would possibly look like, but it would definitely take away much of the hard work user communities have put into it…

With all due respect, I think the OP of this thread should read into what the bill actually attempts to do. I think you missed the goal of this bill. Well the intention of the bill may be to protect content other people own lobbyists clearly won over the people that wrote it. We have no right to STEAL something someone else created and owns and use it for our own benefit that is not censorship that is protecting ownership.

I must say that SOMETHING must be done to protect the people that use it. The internet is for the most part un-policed with multiple agencies in multiple countries working to protect users. Adults and Children who simply browse the web can be in danger by either unknowingly putting them self in danger or openly exposing them selves to be taken advantage of. The internet is full of criminals who look to take advantage of just about every type of person you can think of. THAT is what I think we need to focus on not the needs of private companies who can pay out the behind to protect what they own.

This is not good folks. Congress is going to censor the internet by passing a law called SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act). This will also cause YouTube and other popular websites, such as Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter to shut down. This will leave fire alarm enthusiasts really mad about the SOPA law that passed and they won’t even be able to make videos of system tests because the internet got censored.

So guys, it’s time to make a chance and sign the petition.


Sign the petition at:

This act will in no way prevent you from making a fire alarm video as long as you own the content.

IMO, everyone is blowing this way out of proportion and I’m willing to go so far as to bet it won’t even affect me. Wikipedia blacking out is one thing (although the mobile/app site was not affected by this), everyone posting mock censored messages on Facebook is kinda taking it a bit too far.

Finally! someone with some common sense.

The reason Google, and Wikipedia, and eBay, etc are making such a big deal about this is because they do not want to have to police the content that is posted the sites they own. RIDICULOUS! They should know what is on the site THEY own it!

Congratulations, you bought into the fear that the major corporations on the other side of this argument wanted you to.

Do I think this bill is appropriate? NO. Do I support it? NO WAY! I think it needs alot more work before it is ready for a vote, it gives way to much freedom and control to private industry. However, as I said before I still think we need to focus on other things before we work to protect private industry.

Well said, I completely agree.