Wireless Fire Alarm Flop?

The question is, why is SWIFT the Only Wireless Fire Alarm Solution in North America, and why do companies such as Simens, Simplex, and EST not really Bother on this?

I know in the UK an EU, there are Wireless Call points and Sounders, But why is the same idea a flop here? I’m assuming its Cost and Compatibility, as I think SWIFT is only Compatible with Firelites Endurance Series (ES-50/200x).

My only guess is that nobody sees a need for such a system in North America.

The whole reason I have heard why Wired Systems are still the norm, is because hardwired is still alot more realiable Really the only reason I have heard of the need for wireless devices not just in the US, is when it comes to retrofits and stuff. But in residential security systems, wireless smoke detector are pretty common.