Wiring help with oblong Gamewell and Holtzer Cabot 10"

Just joined and did some searching but the help I thought was perfect ended up no longer being available, so…
I am helping local volunteer fire dept get stuff back together and im not sure how to wire these units. They have a 12V DC PS, and on the Gamewell is hand written + and - on lugs next to a telegraph key. I assume the key is for manual ringing and the geared section is for sending an automated ringing pattern. If I wire the 12V to the Gamewell leads, i see no output lugs to send to the bell so i dont really get how the bell gets energized.
Does anyone have any guidance on wiring? The guys at the firehouse said the gearing didnt actially work before so they just used the telegraph key to ding the bell manually. That didnt offer any help as im sure the output from the Gamewell works off the signal break from the telegraph rocker or the gear section (we will deal with the gear section another day). I feel stupid not being able to see the output lugs to ring the bell, but here i amn asking for help

Power supply (not connected), and the Gamewell. Nothing is connected to the Gamewell, thats a shadow that looks like it is wired to the right side post