Wiring through walls

Does anybody know a good way to fish wires through the wall? I have been having trouble finding ways to do it easily.

You should really stick with a board for a hobby system. I have my two systems mounted on 3/4" MDF board, and the wiring is in conduit. This is the limit of what you should do for a hobby system. Especially considering your panel is homemade, wiring through the walls just puts you, your family, and your property at risk due to a fire.


But then again, if he trust it, its his choice. I am not saying its right, nor am i saying its wrong. Andrew put his DIY panel up in his house( i am not hating, just saying!), and several Enthusiast put there panels up in there house.

Just because it’s his choice doesn’t mean we need to endorse it or provide information on how to accomplish something that could lead to him injuring himself or others. Also, just because “other enthusiasts have done it” does not justify the risk. Don’t forget that, unlike portable boards, putting wiring directly through the walls brings the whole scope of the hobby into the “real world.” The codes set forth by the local AHJ need to be followed, so it grows larger than just “some random user on a forum telling me what not to do.” It becomes a legal issue that has been explained by those who are experts in the fire alarm field many times.*

  • I am not claiming to be, nor am I, an expert in the alarm or legal field. I am referencing the knowledge of those individuals in order to give advice to mytechtime.

Also Andrew’s system did not use real FPL and it also had other bugs, but this is all corrected now.

Don’t need a flame war.

The system I am installing will not be plugged in 24-7. In fact, it will only be in service for system tests and when I am downstairs. I, however, have no place to put a large fire alarm board, and would rather just spread the alarms throughout the basement. Unlike Andrew, I am not going to be using the system for life safety. The basement will also my new office (soon), and having just a panel looks a lot cleaner than a huge board.

I am aware of the risks, and this system is specifically for hobby use. (also for anybody who thinks I’m some dumb “fire alarm freak”, I am not)

Oh and to Ryan, I am using FPL for every part of the system.

I understand that it is only a hobby system. We have given you advice and warned you of the dangers of what you want to attempt. It is your decision what to do with our information. In response to your original question, I don’t think anyone is going to be very willing to help you, due to the dangers associated with it.

Here’s what you do: Get some 2x4s and a piece of plywood. Make a frame you can stand up against your wall then flush mount everything onto that frame.

That way you aren’t damaging your parent’s house and you can easily make changes since you are able to get behind the board.