World Trade Center Fire Alarm System History

Guys, I think I found something else edwards 1250 confirmed that he thought it was esser and he drew this

it awfully looks similar to the representation of the firecom 8500 that you posted.

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I don’t know though. it might be fake.

ESSER is a Honeywell brand so that wouldn’t make sense and firecom patented the panel themselves so it was designed and produced by them they did not rebrand anyone’s panel, although yes that does look very similar

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From that video and the photo he drawn it’s likely a 8000 or 8500 system, would be cool to find out where that install was and info on it

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More photos of a FireCom 8500 cabinet which I found, they are very big cabinets and unique in design which makes them easy to identify

This one is a 8500 to LSN2000 conversion as you can tell by the LSN equipment in the fire sign window

This is a 8500 system that’s been replaced by notifier but the cabinet remains, most likely mounted inside of it.

In a different building I also found the FireCom 8000 Transmission Terminal Box which is basically the brains of the system on the floor that it serves, WTC7 would have had these on each floor, the building I found this in is going through a upgrade from a LSN2000 to a Notifier 3030 so all the FireCom equipment is going to be removed


Good finds Huan! Have you ever seen an 8500 still fully intact with its original circuitry? (including with the door open)

Any chance you could get that 8000 before it’s replaced?

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Still no panel interface or interior photos of the 8500 found yet

Can’t because firecom is going to be there to remove all their equipment and as much as it seems I’m from New York I’m far from there lol I just really like researching and finding NYC systems and setups


Where did you find these photos from

You should just add it to to the panel body

I found this place because my video was linked here and I saw this forum as my second most highest trafficked external link, with 48 views. I wondered what this place was. Good article, thanks for introducing me here.