Worst System Troubles

So at a local meijer I saw a fire lite ms 9200UDLS in trouble so I went to look at at said Something along the lines of system trouble program corrupt. Well that doesn’t look good. Anyone else?

I did notify the manager and he said that they know about the trouble and they are planning to get a tech to fix it. Is it fixable? What may have caused this?

You must be in your own dream world or something as the MS-9200UDLS does not have a “Program Corrupt” trouble status.

Please don’t make up stories.

Sorry it was a 9200 plain. I forgot that there were different versions. I have information that they were doing something with the firmware and that the trouble was part of the process

More info on the upgrade


9200 classic does have a program corrupted trouble.

Basically what it means is that the panel’s system programming is screwed up. The panel’s operating system is fine but the table of addressable devices is damaged in a way that makes it unreadable to the panel.