Worth it to create a guide for DIY-ing custom panels?

Not sure how many people are interested, but yeah. I’ve designed panels before, but I’m looking to make a website detailing the design route for making your own panel.

If there’s anyone looking for a guide like this, please let me know!


Sounds like a cool idea. Please do share the guide.

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Sure, it’s a WIP at the moment but I’ll setup a site or send the document once it’s done.

I’m planning to include example schematics for IDCs and NACs, and also tutorials to programming the Arduino/Raspberry Pi Pico.

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Hi, again! It’s nice seeing you here.
Yes please do, I would use this guide as the minimum design standards of the CS Series.

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I could use it for the FS and iFS series

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Alright, perfect.

So far I have some NAC circuitry designs, once I get the IDCs and a simple control board schematic all completed, I’ll make the site public.

Didn’t know people wanted guides and examples this badly lmao


I made one but it’s not really legitimate