Wr-120 fail

This morning at around 6:09 part of the city of Dallas was put under a Tornado warning and I happened to live in that part of the city, when the warning was issued I was sleeping and my WR-120 on the other side of my room was powered on and programmed correctly but didn’t go off even tho there was a tornado warning, thankfully other people where in the house at the time to wake me up. Luckily the storm didn’t produce a tornado, just some rotation. Does anyone know what’s wrong with my WR-120 and is there a fix?

Hmm… did you confirm that a warning went out properly over the station and that the station was active at the time with good reception by your radio?

Yes I can confirm that, I was using it while we where taking shelter.

I see. I unfortunately don’t know a ton about these things, but I’d suggest double checking your programming and SAME codes to ensure they’re set properly.