Xenon strobe ban?

Someone on YouTube (Voyage400) said that they’re going to ban fire alarm strobes with xenon tubes and start using high-power LEDs instead.

Very reliable source you have there.

That’s why I had a question mark on the title and said that I heard that xenon strobes would be banned.

It was more of a question. But you’re right. I should have made that more obvious.

Even if it is just something someone heard, I would not be surprised to see LED’s in the not too distant future for notification. It has already happened in the world of emergency vehicle lighting. LED Lightbars are everywhere now, replacing old strobe and halogen signals. One problem that exists is that LED’s are directional light, while strobes are spread out. The fire alarm industry will likely catch on, but LEDs would have to be adapted to the fire alarm world, and that just hasn’t happened yet.