Yeesh... - Classic SpectrAlerts in code-3 thhat went off for 16 HOURS. I’m betting the apartments had mini-horns in them, although, they can’t be heard. In one shot, you can see the SpectrAlerts with duct tape over the horns. There’s also a shot of an activated BG-12, although IDK why if they said the alarm was set off by burnt popcorn…

Systems like this should have an auto-silence after a certain amount of time, say an hour or so.

As for the fire department not being able to shut the alarm off, that is how it works in large cities. They cannot touch the alarm system. I don’t see why though, what the so-called liability is. If this were in my town, they’d be allowed to reset the alarm system.

They ought to install an annunciator outside the room with the panel, so if this happens again it would be a lot easier to do something.

Finally–where were the building managers anyway? This is just ridiculous. Poor management.

BTW Dan, your David Letterman quote in your signature qualifies in this situation…

This happened relatively close to me. As far as I know, there was an FCI 7100 annunciator installed in the front lobby, but it requires a key to access any of the functions. They tried to pry the thing off of it’s backbox.

Why would they try to do that if that’s the only way to shut off the alarm? :slight_smile:

He was talking about the annunciator, not the panel. Ripping the panel off the wall would shut it off, but it would disable the system.