You Know You Like Severe Weather When…

…you don’t mind if the EAS interrupts your favorite song for a Severe Thunderstorm Warning.

So it appears I wasn’t the only one to get the EAS test this morning. :lol:

…You love traveling when it’s raining.

Oh, I love rainstorms, especially during summer! But dear lord, tornadoes petrify me. Y’all know I’m from San Antonio, where they rarely (if ever) happen. No sirens there either, which has surprised some of my classmates. We have Federal Signal Modulators here in Stillwater, which I have not heard them test yet, but I will probably lock myself in my dorm bathroom when they do, out of both sheer terror and the fact that despite being brand-new dorms, there’s no storm shelter!

they test them monthly at a set time in the middle of the day, and only when the weather is nice. (don’t want to send mixed signals)

where I’m at it’s the first monday of every month at 11:00am. looks like for stillwater it’s the first tuesday every month at 11:30am.

…you go outside for a Severe Thunderstorm Warning.

In no way am I promoting this act.

Bump, sorry! I have stood outside my front door during a severe thunderstorm. Quite a few actually.

I’m a storm chaser season just ended

During the season, you are mildly concerned and very much interested in it, and then after the season, missing it because of the feeling that you get when you are monitoring a situation and it starts to evolve rapidly.

I’ve had two close lightning strikes and the following thunder has shook my house


I was watching the lightning out my window one time and lightning struck about 10 ft away from my window.

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When my mind goes bazonkers when i see a tornado

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when you watch the video of jim canore seeing thunder snow over and over

when you live in texas