Your Favorite Fire Alarms

Simplex truealerts truealert ES’s

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I have kinda changed either Federal Signal or a Gentex Commander.

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Anything rare, basically. Like the Gamewell M69 Century series, or the Pyrotronics MFS-2.

I second that. :slight_smile:

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Generally devices that are versatile, durable, and inexpensive. For instance, the Sigcom and RSG metal pulls you see everywhere, the Notifier BNG-1R, and the Gentex Commander 3.

From what I’ve heard, the Pyrotronics System 3 is damn near bulletproof but Siemens no longer makes them.

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But it’s still on their website under their current products. Why would they do that? Shouldn’t they put it in a discontinued product section instead?

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So, by extension, does this mean that the SpectrAlert Advance is your least favorite device? Those things are everywhere.

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Yes, but not for that reason. I hate them because they sound like a pile of s*** taking a s***, and they look ugly to me.

Is that an AVGN reference?

I like anything Wheelock (as you can probably tell by my collection), and pre-1990s Simplex devices.

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It’s not intended to be a reference to anything…

While I don’t have any real favorites, I like any vintage fire alarm device/system. I’ve always been interested in the older National Time devices, and I happen to own two examples from my collection I will be posting soon.

I am really into bells.

There’s just something I really like about them, but I really don’t know…

I should say the Potter 10" 120VAC bell is my favorite because it is the loudest of all the Potter bells.

I actually have one, but I have not tested it. When you hit the gong, it sounds pretty cool…

Bells interest me just because I’ve never lived anywhere they are particularly common. New York loves its horns and, recently, the state fire code has been requiring EVAC for more and more. The large college I did undergrad at had a couple buildings with bells (Simplex single-stroke). The university I attend for grad school has at least 5 buildings with bells, mostly (if not all) vibrating.

On the other hand, Canada has bells all over the place, probably related to strobes not being required until recently. Washington, DC also has a large concentration of bells.

Like many other enthusiasts, I’m particularly fond of rare or older devices. If I had to pick my favourite alarms, round Standard Electric Time pull stations along with Edwards Durabel bells would definitely figure at the top of my list.

Simplex: Simplex 4051

Gentex: Gentex SHG

Wheelock: Wheelock 7001

Edwards: Edwards 894-1B

Others: Space Age Electronics 2DCDs and Faraday U-HNHs

AC Vibratory horns. Nothing says “fire alarm” quite like them (in my opinion). Sure they scared the living you know what out of me when I was little, but I now love their deep loud buzz now.

BRK 3120B, hands down 8)

System Sensor MASS and the Wheelock MT.

Notification Devices: Gentex GOS, Wheelock 7002t, and Simplex 2901-9833

Pull Station: Edwards 270-spo, Simplex T-bar, and any BG-10