Zellers Bought Out By Target

One of Canadas retail chains that’s going to be gone pretty soon. I know that most of the Zellers in my city will be made into Targets.

Interesting…Although I’ve never even heard of Zellers until now.

Thats because Zellers is a canadian company, so I don’t think you’ll find any in the USA.

Tarzhay. :lol:

I’m just glad that Target is expanding and not Walmart. I wish Walmarts would disappear! :twisted:

Same here! :twisted:

Wal-Mart’s good if you need something cheap. I’ve picked up some clothes for a good price when I have been home on break and couldn’t bring all of my clothes with me. Here in Pittsburgh there is a 24-hour Wal-Mart. It was great when I needed stuff freshman year. I still like Target the best.

I do not shop at Walmart or Target aside from treating their employees like trash they do not support things I see as important. Aside from selling cheap crap they are both pretty horrible company’s. You should take a look at their history before you support them, because as much as you do not want to agree with me as a shopper there you support them and their practices.

Where do you shop then? Target and Walmart are the only places to shop for me at school or at home.

For what items? I shop for my supplies at a local art and office supply store. My food comes from all local stores I know exactly where my diary, meat, and produce products come from. As far as clothing There are many local shops here in my state that offer great clothing. Yes I do the Nordstrom, JCrew, and Macys, and A&F from time to time but more often than not my T shirts and winter wear come from all local places many of which make their product right here in MA. Yea I pay more and it takes driving all over to multiple paces but I get more for my dollar I get quality products from people that I know, trust and know what they stand behind.

There are a few films on Walmart you should watch them. It is a pretty disgusting company I realize you are a college student and on a budget I would just do everything I can to avoid those places but that’s just me I understand your need to shop there.

Ugh…I really just don’t like Walmart. Besides the cheapness of it, they always seem so filthy to me. The quality isn’t all that great there, I’d like my clothes and anything else to last more than a week. Usually I buy my clothes at places like Macy’s and JC Penney and occasionally places at the mall.

Most of the groceries come from her, there, and everywhere.