ZETA Premier AL Programming software


I’m programmed some interface modules to zeta premier AL, but i can’t label that modules without software or keyboard so i try to find the keyboard but it’s very difficult to find DIN5 keyboard so can any body to help me for find the programming software by internet… :smiley:


Hey welcome to the forum! I am the administrator.

Just a fair warning that most people here deal with American fire alarm systems.

For a keyboard – what I would recommend is you find a device similar to this:

which would adapt the AT (DIN 5) keyboard connection to PS/2. You should be able to find a random PS/2 keyboard somewhere.

For software – I don’t know anything about Zeta so good luck.

Just for curiosity, what country do you hail from?


Wow, that’s strange! We use that cable with our school’s video text generator. Are they common?

Before USB keyboards there were PS/2 keyboards, and before that… DIN-5.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Model_F_keyboard. So not really common since like the late 80s/early 90s. :lol:

I’ve never owned a USB keyboard in my life before. I’m fairly experienced with the PS/2 keyboards, but not the DIN-5 ones because they are so old. The alphagen at school is ancient anyway, so that’s probably why it has this connector.

Sorry about derailing the topic.

EDIT: I just realized that image you posted is the only keyboard in which you can’t press Control-Alt-Delete with one hand only. Cool!