113 troubles!!!

:shock: HOLY [Bad word of your choice]!

The mall in Boise,Id has had 4 troubles for 2 years now… :expressionless:

That’s at my churches gym.

Ummmmmmm do you know the person who is in charge of building maintenance? Find out what the troubles are, i would love to hear lol :wink:

Aperently it got struck by lightning

So every Na is screwed and it’s voice evac although it’s a private school so the should have no problem paying say for a 4007ES :stuck_out_tongue:

So it has addressable TrueAlerts? lol 4007es :wink:


Is the panel F’d up?

Can we skype? I want to show you the system.

113 troubles after being struck by lightning? At best it looks like that system is severely compromised. I really wouldn’t rely on it to let me know when there is a fire.

On another note, as previously mentioned, you may want to make sure someone in authority is aware of the situation. You have not only a risk to personal safety (and property), but also a huge liability if something were ever to occur. Given the number of troubles and the installation implied by your comments, it sounds like the system is toast.


They should get Notifier.

Just saying.

They should get repair or replace.

For now, it looks like a church with 113 troubles = a system that is more decoration than functional.

Unless this is a mega-church occupying many acres, it don’t sound good.

Tyco guys worked on it today and now it only has one trouble O_o. So they must of fixed it. The church and gym are connected btw.

Not sure what the trouble left is it’s a keyed anunceator so I can’t press ack for more info.

Yeah, don’t do that.

Unless you are authorized to interact with the fire system, never press ack.

If its a real event that needs attention from folks, acking it may hide the fact that a new event came in.

That said, I admire your interest in fire systems.

Still not encouraging any tampering with a fire alarm system but…

For the record the Simplex 4606 annunciator (this is a 4010 system) allows you to press acknowledge and scroll through the list of conditions while the key is off. It silences the piezo if a condition has been unacknowledged but after a few seconds it comes back on. No conditions are actually acknowledged though, it only allows you to see what conditions are present.

The system keeps rebooting it self for some reason. And bad news Andrew the school has had bad experiences with notifier O_o and the janitor says simplex gets it done the first time.

Yeah it’s toast.

… And what has happened with Notifier? Because their products work well if you know how to use them properly.

Janitor fed up and booted the notifier panel with battery’s so it’s not notifier’s fail just a dumbass janitor. Booting by battery’s is a no no.

Must have been an older Notifier panel because the new ones have a circuit that prevents it from being booted from battery.