2012-2013 Fire and Misc. Emergencies Drills

Surprised that now it’s Autumn there isn’t one of these here yet!

I’m not currently at school right now, but I can mention that here in Brockton, the elementary and middle schools generally have a fire drill on the third day of school (which is tomorrow.)

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9/6/12 at 12:55PM - Fire Drill

This fire drill was unusual. There has never been a fire drill on the first day, and never in the afternoon (except for smoke detector malfunctions). Maybe it was because there was a new principal. Well, at least we get one fire drill out of the way.

8/31/12 - Fire drill at 8:00, first thing in the morning.

My school is suppose to have a fire drill Wednesday, and I heard that there is going to be a flash mob outside during the drill.

Flash mob! What kind of school do you go to?

We had our first fire drill today, period 1 at 8:30. Only thing was, I wasn’t in the building when it happened. I had to go to a student council leadership conference, at our school boards main office, which is right beside our school, ironically starting at 8:30. I got out of the building just in time, and about 30 seconds after we left, I could hear the fire bells going off in their march time.

Then, at the board office, at the conference, the director of education was giving an introductory speech, and told us they were expecting a fire drill to happen at the board office that day too, so if the alarms went off we had to evacuate. The alarms there are Simplex Truealerts. Fortunatley, we weren’t there when the fire drill happened. So, all in all, I missed 2 fire drills in one day!

My school had its first fire drill on Monday, 9/10. It was during the last period of the day (as if my students weren’t riled up enough…). This is my first year at this school so I was interested to see how smoothly the evacuation went, how long it took, etc. It only took a couple of minutes to get everyone out (the school has 3 floors, approximately 1,100 students) so I thought that was pretty good.

The room I was teaching in had a poster covering the MIZ, so it was barely audible. The alarms in the halls are MTs, which are set to slow whoop. Very eerie sound, but not as ear piercing as horn.

Also through this experience I found out that teachers are not notified about fire drills. That seems to be the standard in Rhode Island. We are notified about lockdown drills, but not fire drills. Anyway… 14 more to go!

Stevenson had its first two fire drills of the year today at 12:19 and 1:22 (5th, 6th hours)–each one lasted for 4 minutes. There will probably be two more fire drills (2nd, 3rd hours) plus one tornado drill (1st hour) tomorrow. All of the drills were originally going to be conducted yesterday, but due to the threat of rain along with windy conditions, the drills were postponed.

Now that’s what I call overkill. My HS would never do more than 2 in one day (one in the morning, one in the afternoon). The most we did was 4 drills in 2 days during my freshman year and 5 drills on one week (one per day) during my senior year.

Well, today turned out to be unusual in regards to drills. We had only one fire drill today, which, to my surprise, was done at the beginning of 1st hour (7:28, 4 minutes). The fire drills scheduled for 2nd and 3rd hours were canceled again as a result of heavy rain again.

In all the time that I have ever been to Stevenson, there have been only two instances in which the fire alarm sounded during 1st hour; the first was in December 2009, when what I suppose was an air duct detector got loose within the ceiling tiles and set the whole system off. The second occasion, however, was in April 2010, when there was an actual fire at the school! This was prior to 1st hour starting; a ventilator within the ceiling tiles of a classroom overheated and sent smoke billowing throughout the classroom. I did not even know what had happened at the time since many of the students were not even in school yet.

There once again is a chance for rain tomorrow, but it is not predicted to reach the area until around 3:00PM. This would allow the fire drills in 2nd and 3rd hours that were postponed today to be held. In regards to the tornado drill, I hope it will be conducted tomorrow as well.

Last Tuesday (9/11/12) we had our first drill. When the alarm went off I had to think about what the sound was, I had forgotten what it sounded like :lol: . The alarms are starting to sound really tired, they quiver and click like crazy. Almost like a giant fan was in front of them.

What are the alarms in your school?

Why would anyone think it would be a good idea to do that on 9/11? It’s dumb and wrong on multiple levels.

I hope they did not bring the FD in. Most departments hold memorials and do other events between calls.

We have these ESL horn strobes: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

I have no clue why they did it that day, it didn’t make much sense to me either. They never bring the FD in, unless there’s an actual alarm.

I’ve noticed that after several years, people have forgotten to do any sort of memorial, or at least show some dignity. People seem to just go about their business and never even think about it. :roll:
I didn’t hear one thing from anybody on 9/11/09, /10, /11, or /12 at school. It’s as if they don’t care :confused:
We had a lockdown drill on 9/11/10 during high school; when I asked why that day, they said they didn’t realize what day it was… :frowning:

Which is unfortunate.

I saw FDs doing memorials; Topsham & Freeport raised a large flag between their Ladders in the morning.
SMCC did a memorial service outside the Campus Center (their name for Student Union).
There was a dedication ceremony in Brunswick for a 9/11 Memorial for all the firefighters who died. It has a piece of a steel beam from WTC, and it is placed outside the Maine Fire Training & Education main office.

This time around, no rain came in during the morning, which allowed us to get the other two fire drills (2nd hour, 8:31, 3 min–3rd hour, 9:34, 3 min) out of the way. This leaves me w/ only two tornado drills and at least one lockdown drill to be conducted, which probably won’t happen for a while.

We had our second fire drill of the year today - I was giving a test. I ended up being of the teachers holding the doors open, so I’m sure my kids were bouncing answers off each other while outside.

Well today we had our second fire drill, which this time I was in the building when it happened and was able to get a video. It happened period 2, during my tech class, at 10:20. There is a security siren (connected to the security system) in my tech class, which trips when the fire alarm system is activated. I don’t know why, but every school FA system in my city has their security system tied in with the FA system. The ones at my old elementary school were set to warble, and the ones in my school now are set to steady. You can also hear 2 Edwards 10" Adaptabels, which one is located in a storage room, and the other in my teachers office. The tech wing in my school itself has an interesting FA setup, unlike the rest of the school. It’s the only place that has security sirens, and strobes. The wood and computer classes both have an Edwards 10" Adaptabel and a Mircom Select A Strobe setup. My tech class has the siren and the 2 Adaptabels, and I have no idea what the auto class has. But anyways, here is the video to it, the alarms go off at 15 seconds:

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October 1st- Fire Drill at 10:00

There will probably be another fire drill during fire prevention week. This time, I heard the panel activate and saw it open during evacuation.

This wasn’t really a drill, but my school was testing their fire alarms last week. The alarm only went off two times. The first time, the alarm went off for around 10 minutes-ish. Right in the middle of the first alarm, the office made an announcement ordering us to stay in our classrooms. This continued for around 10 more minutes until the system was reset. Around five minutes later, the alarm went off again for what seemed like five minutes. The alarms were ceiling mount truealert horn/strobes installed in all the hallways and classrooms. It got really annoying after the first couple of minutes.