4007ES Programming Cable Pinout

Does anyone have the pinout for a simplex programming cable for the 4007es.
It appears to exist out there somehere but sadly no active users have the pinout on the below thread.

Simplex 4100U programming cable connection

Normally usb or ethernet are sufficient on the 4007es, here is pinout for serial.


are you sure this pinout is accurate ? I am struggling to upload on a U

verified it is correct for the 4007es.

Take a look at this manual, 3-10

If everything is good, i would suggest verifying the cable continuity by moving it around. These cables go bad over time and might not keep good contact. Getting a spare one in case would be a good idea.

This cable must have an internal LOOP or a pull up resistor network to enable the port (chip). I have tried this above configuration at least 500x and it worked only once in 500x. Fluke? I remember when we used to use this cable on the old 4100 there was no key so you could plug it incorrectly by a row of pins, or backwards and it would do damage. So that is why I think there is a enable loop built into the cable. Can someone check.?

I would just get this cable instead of risking damaging your panel.

That is very good advice. I am ordering shortly.

I bought the cable, tried it on my 4100ES and it still does not communicate. I can try it later on a U but no time ATM. Arrow goes to pin 1 of the 10pin port on the ES. Its not keyed like the older ones were.

Usually, having the arrow towards 1 does the trick(should be towards back).

For settings it should be Baud Rate 19200, Parity None, Stop 1 and Data Bit 8. Program settings can be different as can be seen here but most technicians would leave as default.


If still no success i would try doing a warm restart of the panel and also some serial adapters might have compatibility issues(usually more picky for the DAC card).

Thanks for the info. TIme to buy a new USB serial adapter. Never had a problem with these ones for the last 10 years or so