Simplex 4100U programming cable connection

i need help in connecting 4100U to the utility transfer , for the connection between DB9M-IDC10P , what is the right connection arrangement ?
iam using usb converter to the DP9M is that work or not ?

I have used a USB to serial converter with 4100 programmers. I remember when Simplex got the first batch of computers without a serial port the IT department supplied adapters with them. IT tested that one to be sure it would work. There is no guarantee that all such adapters will work. You will have to look in the hardware profile with the adapter installed to find out what com port it is. Then set the programmer to use that port number.

i have made all the setting for port but it cannot read it ,i thought the problem is in the wiring diagram for DB9Mto IDC10P , all the pins are wired number to the same number , i was wondering if some one knows about this wiring diagram

I sent a PM with a link to the cable connections.

me too i look for diagrm i not find may i have diagram too mr Retired STR-SG ?

PM sent with info.

Same demand here guys, would anyone still have the cabling diagram?