A Debate Of The Worst

What is the absolutely worst stuff to ever exist regarding fire alarms?

Almost anything est is trash. Be it proprietary, or cheaply made

any new stuff, at least. the integrity was pretty good

Most collectors hate Simplex systems for having propietary components such as the SmartSync module and the software used to program the devices are only accessible to Simplex/Tyco/Grinnell employees.

About Edwards/EST: the general consensus seems to be that their products are crap, but I personally give them the benefit of the doubt, & I’m pretty sure that if you were to take a closer look at them that you’d see they’re not as bad as everyone makes them out to be.

About Simplex: I’d say that really only started when Johnson Controls acquired Simplex, before then however most of their products didn’t seem that bad. For instance: the 4001, 4002, 4004, 4005, 4006, & 4010 all don’t need the software, just the necessary passcodes in the case of some (though granted if you don’t have those either you’re pretty much out of luck).

There new products are junk

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really, i say it is a tie between EST, DMP, and Siemens. EST makes crappy, pre-coded devices, and has a very invasive method of installation compared to other companies. DMP is wireless, it only rebranded stuff, and i have heard that recently all it does is detector base piezos for notification. Siemens really has no business in the fire alarm industry, and as a finishing blow, the Wheelock lawsuit in 2008.

I would say it would be any company that is proprietary like Simplex as well as companies that make crappy devices like EST.

Fire-Lite BG-10 series (specifically the one with the hex screw lock)


  • cheap plastic quality, pull station has approximately 50% chance to break when pulled
  • extremely stupid screw design which allows the screw to be overtightened, fracturing the front of the pull station and making it unusable
  • sticky buttons
  • chance of false activation (objects hitting it or a person brushing into it may accidentally activate it)

so yeah there’s a pretty good reason why they stopped making these (and were eventually recalled)

Yeah the hex bolt versions of the bg-10 are junk

same could be said for Edwards 278b screwdriver variant. and the chevron. and the siemens pull station. and the RMS 1T. and the 270 SPO. and LITERALLY EVERY OTHER PULL STATION TO TAKE A SCREWDRIVER.


The Canadian variants of the 270-spo are nice but the 270 spo’s that are used in this country are junk

I’d say the only kind that’s bad design-wise are newer 270/276/278 stations that use a security screw, as it’ll get worn down with use, older ones have standard screws though.

what’s the difference?

The Canadian versions have good parts

that does not make sense.

The 270-spo’s that were made in Canada are nicer

but how? you say they have nicer parts, but that makes no sense either.

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