Ademco (Honeywell AlarmNet) 7720ULFPLUS Help

For Christmas, I got said panel (NIB with mounting screws, manual and EOLR), and reading the manual brought up some questions.

• Is there a way not to have the wireless dialer, since this won’t be used for life safety?

• Are there any other compatible NAs than the ones listed given I don’t have any of them (PA400R, MA12/24, MA/SS-12, SS-12)?

• Does the panel need to be programmed in order to work?

I will also need help finding the transformer (Ademco 7620TR), battery (Ademco 712BNP), and if needed, the programming tool (Ademco 7720P).

To save you the trouble of trying to find that specific battery, any standard 7Ah 12V SLA will work fine. I recommend AGM (absorbed glass mat) type batteries over Gel Cell batteries, but either will work.

Thanks, Nick! Does the same concept also apply to the transformer, as in any transformer of the same rating working fine?

It should work with any transformer of equivalent rating, but personally I’d go with the actual transformer.

Thanks for the advice. If I did use a different transformer (with the same rating, of course), what do you think is the worse that could happen?

It’s likely that nothing will happen. The thing you have to worry about is the fact that while you know the Ademco transformer is legitimate and has passed quality control measures, other off-brand transformers may be labelled as equivalent when in reality they fail to meet the voltage or current requirements.

For example, I have several Chinese manufactured transformers labelled as 24V. Two put out 24V as they should - both are brand-labelled transformers, one Telemecanique/Schneider Electric and the other RIB. The other two are off-brand - one puts out 34V under load, the other can’t quite top 21V even without load. Not to mention the two off-brands are not filtered.

When you stick with brand-name transformers, their quality control measures (and manufacturing practices…but I won’t get into that) keep you a lot safer.

Ah, okay. What about the programmer? Will I need to program the panel in order for it to work, or does it have default programming?

Nick, do you think that this transformer from Amazon will work, or should I still get the official one?

Also, I have acquired the battery, so I don’t need help with that anymore.

You could try it. I don’t mean to be a stickler, but I still recommend a brand-name unit, if not the original unit. Try to see if you can pick up an Amseco XF-1840 or XR-1840LED transformer.

Is there a difference between Ademco and Amseco? I’m asking because my searches bring up mixed results.

They’re two different companies, but with similar names and some similar products. Ademco is a Honeywell company, Amseco is now owned by Potter Electric Signal.

Thank for the clarification. I think I’ll just stick to the transformer listed in the manual.

Edit: Do you know where I can find the transformer for a cheaper price? I don’t want to spend too much on a gift for myself. lol

Here, this is the same transformer as the Amseco XF-1840. Hammond Manufacturing is the OEM for these parts.

That might be your best bet.

Thanks, Nick! I am still wondering whether or not I can use other signals than the ones listed in the manual, though.

With the above in mind, most signals that satisfy the voltage and current ratings of the NAC will be fine. You’ll be safer using electronic horns, as mechanical horns tend to have high inrush currents and throw off back-EMF into the NAC circuit. Older panels were more apt to handling this, some newer panels don’t respond as well to these surges.

Will my Fire-Lite bell work? Since I’m not home right now, I don’t know the current draw. I will post an update with the info when I get home.

Also, should I wait until I get the transformer before I power up? I think I remember reading somewhere on this forum that it’s not a good idea.

Edit: I think this panel was manufactured in 1993 based off the label on the inside of the panel door.

My Fire-Lite bell is rated for 12VDC at .14A.

Wait until you get the transformer. Unless specifically designed for it, battery starts can damage the panel.

Also, will I need the programmer? I read the manual, and there are some contradictory parts regarding the need to program it.