Alarm Vids 9.0

  • Alarm at The Mirage in Las Vegas.

and Pt. 2
Fire alarm test and walk-through at a church, sound level measurements taken. What looks like an LNG-1R can be seen. Most of the system is ASs in C3. There are Advances in the chapel which don’t work at first, but in the second part, they’re fixed.

Some of my new vids.

-My Edwards 10" single stroke adaptabel, the ones they have at my high school.

-My Edwards 6" single stroke adaptabel.

-My Edwards 10" school bell, me testing it outside.

-Trying out different codes on my 10" adaptabel.

-My newer 10" single stroke bell.

-My 10" adaptabel on the wall in my kitchen, and me testing it.

-Me messing around with my schools scoreboard in the double gym.

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  • BRK/MA-SSs in slow whoop.

  • Simplex 4100 w/ white Wheelock vandal-resistant speaker/strobes with the weatherproof strobe housing.
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  • What appears to be a SpectrAlert in code-3 being covered up by someone’s hand. Note how mostly everyone has their ears plugged in one form or another.

  • Crappy audio, but it sounds like SpectrAlert Advances in code-3.
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  • Ceiling-mount TrueAlerts in code-3.
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  • Fire alarm at a mall. In the Sears, there’s a chime and a live announcement is made. In the mall itself, there’s a 500hz tone in slow march time. Almost seems like a 4100U, but the chime in Sears is lower-pitched than usual, the announcement in sears doesn’t affect the alarm in the mall and he comments that the speakers in the mall are System Sensor.

  • EST voice evac w/ slow whoop and message.

  • 10" bell at JFK doing a 7-9-1 code.

  • Interesting mix: -9219 in continuous in the play area with a classic spectralert in code-3 in the restaraunt area.

  • Gentex Commander 1s in code-3.

  • Classic Simplex slow whoop.

  • SpectrAlerts and a whole bunch of CHAOS at 4:51.

  • sounds like truealerts in continuous.

  • Some electronic (NSs or SpectrAlerts) in code-3, followed by U-MMTs in continuous.

  • Integreties in code-3 at the end. ⇐ GX93s and Classic Spectras. ⇐ sounds like some raspy EMs. ⇐ MIZ.

Also seems like there’s some Wheelocks in there.

  • Guy pulls an alarm and sets off ASs or MTs (most likely MTs) in code-3.

  • SpectrAlert Advance in code-3. ⇐ Slow Whoop over Integrities w/ a very wide sweep in the mall, some 2400Hz alarm (either Commander 3 or MASS or other) in the Sears, strobe seems to be set into a recessed lighting canister. Also the Sears main FA is not sounding.

Doesn’t surprise me. Most major department stores have their own systems that are independent from those in the mall.

  • Notifier (assuming) EVAC at San Jose Airport.

  • Seems to be old Edwards 870s (skip to 4:23).

A whole bunch of stuff:

  • Electromech horn in continuous during a newscast (@ :24).

  • SpectrAlerts in continuous.

  • Genesis’ in code-3.

The alarm on the newscast was probably an 892.

  • First Generation integreties in continuous.

  • Hard to tell because of camera movement, but it looks to be ZNSs in code-3.

  • Wheelocks in continuous.

  • Unsynced SpectrAlerts in code-3.