Alarm Vids 9.0

Definitely sounded like one, esp. the EM variety.

  • More SpectrAlerts in code-3.

Unusual method of setting off a fire alarm.

I just posted a new video of my current fire alarm system. Another video with all of my collection will be posted soon.

A video of Dan B. testing some kind of Simplex 4005 fire alarm system (probably replacing a 2001) that has a mix of Simplex 2903+2901-9806 horn/lights and 4903-9219 horn/strobes on 20bpm March Time (but the 2903 lights flash at 120bpm).

  • Gotta love fire alarms at conventions. This is at the Baltimore Convention Center. You can hear bits and pieces of the EVAC message. The tone you hear is a steady tone that sounds for 6 seconds.

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … re=related”></LINK_TEXT> - Simplex True Alerts in code 3.

  • Ceiling-mount SpectrAlerts in code-3.

  • Simplex 4903 electromechanicals in continuous. If you listen closely, the horn skips whenever the strobe flashes.

  • TrueAlerts in code-3 (skip to 4:28). Note that once they’re outside there’s an AS or MT in code-3 and it’s actually in sync with the TrueAlerts.

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9219’s in continuous

-Fire alarm at Wal-Mart, Spectralerts in code 3

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … re=related”></LINK_TEXT> - MIZ’s and AS’s at the end

  • White E70s and E90s. Seems to be a louder version of the notifier “pre-alert” tone. Very annoying…

  • Unsynced ASs in code-3.

  • Customed 4100U voice EVAC. White TrueAlert speaker/strobe seen in the hallway.
  • Girl pulls what looks like a BG-8 pull station setting off a Wheelock SafePath system and electronic horns.

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … re=related”></LINK_TEXT> - MT in bell; code three. The kids would make a better fire alarm.

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … re=related”></LINK_TEXT> - Coded True Alert