Alarms on TV/Movies

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ok, two things seen

  1. During a fedEX ground commercial, An RSS can be clearly seen above a guy’s head.

  2. During a furniture commercial, a red gentex commander (unknown version) can be spotted near the entrance.

the movie The Thing (the 1982 version), at exactly 30 minutes in, shows a BG-6 being pulled when macready (kurt russell) hears suspicious noises. The BG-6 has some weird glass cover over the handle, and when he pulls it, of course, it springs back up without latching.

in The Blob (the 1958 version) there is a part where you hear numerous air raid and FD sirens blaring at night.

I saw an alarm go off in… I think 24. It was a bell. They smashed it.

In “Casino Royale,” a spy activates the “Emergency Sprinkler Override” at an airport, which sets off ALL the sprinklers, as well as 10 inch bells.

In the Drake & Josh movie and when they are in the airport an Edwards “Lift and Pull” station is seen. :smiley:

Tango and Cash- Various Klaxons at different scenes, and what sounds like a Thunderbolt 1000 or 1000T on one of the prison escape scenes. Judging by the movie’s age, the Thunderbolt must not be very old.

During an episode of Medium, a guy who sees the future…he sees the hospital being blown up while he’s “under.” Slow whoops can be heard, and you can see strobes flashing.

There’s an episode of The Simpsons where

Abe needs a new battery for his pacemaker. Homer tells him to get it from the smoke detector. Cut to Abe hanging from the smoke alarm, his pacemaker fries and starts smoking, and the smoke detector emits a few short beeps

In an episode of House, not a fire alarm, but in the elevator, a mobster leans over and presses the emergency shutoff, and that causes a bell to ring for a half second. THe same for when they re-enable the elevator

I was watching Good Morning America this morning and I saw a panel (Faraday?) in the background, with a red pull station next to it, but the camera moved so fast that I didn’t make out what it was.

In “Yokel Chords” on “The Simpsons,” you can see a Simplex T-bar pull station at Krustylu Studios. It seems that the T-bars are popular in Springfield!

The smoke alarm on The Simpsons sounds like my DSC siren

the 747 siren has to be one of the most popular siren sound recreations. “bwaawaawaawaawaawaawaawaawaawaa”.

some elevators are programmed to ring the alarm bell when the emergency stop is pushed. I’ve done it before. drives me nuts. if I’m testing and I happen to be in an elevator lobby and I KNOW it’s gonna send the elevator into phase 1 recall, I’ll stop the elevator with the door open, set off the smoke detector, get back in, and ride down with it. when an elevator recalls for fire, the inside buzzer sounds continuously and the firemans’s hat symbol lights up.

I just saw the Simpsons fire drill on TV! And I saw what happened after Homer goes “Woo Hoo!”

Many windows are broken, people are climbing out of the building, and there is a big fight.

Independence Day:
Unknown siren sounds an alert, and 9838 sounding horns near the spaceship launch scene with the launch tube.

It is really a good movie!

The Simpsons Fire Drill is probably my most favorite episode, of The Simpsons that is. :smiley:

lol don’t ask me why I was watching this show but this morning while I was watching Zoey 101, you could clearly see white Wheelock As’s in the background. One shot while 2 people were talking showed 2 of them within close proximiy with each other. I guess because it’s a real campus too, and not just a fake set.

Well, as mentioned before the old forum closed, I watched the new episode of that a couple of weeks ago (or was it last week?) where they were all stuck in the girls’ dorm room because of that new germ the girl created and she accidentally spilled all the chemicals to make it. She calls the biohazard team, and when she asks what to do, they first tell her to evacuate the building (you don’t hear them say that though). So, she walks out into the hallway, and pulls the alarm (Edwards classic) and a slow whoop alarm goes off. It’s the exact same one in this vid, except there was no other sounds other than the slow whoop, and yes, there was a pause before starting the whoop over again. I just wanted to watch it because the scenario on the promotions made the ep look really interesting - the fire alarm thing was just a bonus, I guess.

I just find it interesting that TV show people will use alarms in scenes, and yet, when they set them off, it doesn’t happen like it does in real life. Plus, most of the time, I find it when they shoot the alarms in the picture, it usually does go off later in the show…

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