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I saw a fire alarm installation that was odd. They had a simplex 4005 retrofitted into a 2001 cabinet. The pulls were simplex 4251-20s originally, but instead of removing the old pull, they installed a newer TBAR right on the backplate of the old pull. They originally had those 4050-80s with black fire lettering but they installed simplex truealerts right on the old 4050-80s. They installed new truealert strobes in the restrooms and other areas, but it was just odd. They also had those fire-lite wedge lights, but they put TrueAlert weatherproof horn strobes on the bottom of them.

I wish I could see pictures because none of this seems likely.

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I have seen at the main Micron building(a really big semiconductor manufater), RSS mounted sideways, an upsidedown Mt, and two smoke side by side.

Sideways RSS -- They are designed to be mounted either way but I don't know why someone would want to.
Upside-down MT -- Just pure laziness
Smokes side-by side -- I have seen this before and it often depends on the environmental considerations where they are installed. What's near them anyway?

Brandon in one of his video mounted a ceiling mount on the wall sideways… Whats strange about this place doing it? O_o

Here’s a rather lazy wiring job I found in hotel stairwell. I visit here almost every year, and each time it seems they have added more tape and zip-ties to hold the wire, only to end up with the same results.

The tape and zip-ties is pure laziness, however code allows fire alarm wire over 7 feet to be exposed as long as it is not in a place where it has a higher risk of being damaged somehow.

To halls at 90*, BUT the smoke weren so close they were touching

Sontou can tack it up? Can you paint the wire to match whatever as long as the device are not?

Each smoke could be connected to a different system, both running door holders for separation of zones. It’s not uncommon at all in very specific setups.

It was a single Seimins system…with know fire doors in that spot

Now I don’t know if this is considered a bad installation job, or just part of the fire code. But here, there is 2 Notifier BG-12s installed within feet next to each other. Plus, on the other side of the wall where the BG-12 on the left is, there is another pull station (An Edwards 270-SPO). I get why there would be 1 pull station, or even two. But three of them within feet of each other??

You can also see where there was an Edwards pull station at one point.

There was a time when people thought you needed a pull on both sides of double doors. Not sure if it was ever in the code that way or not, but it’s definitely not anymore. It’s only needed on both sides if the door groups are over 40’ wide.

Here’s some bad installs for you guys to check out.

This lovely install was done by one of our competitors in the security market:
[attachment=3]IMG_2561 small.jpg[/attachment]

… And this is what happens when a building maintenance person tries to fix a busted horn/strobe.

Found a mini horn inside a backbox with an AV-34 plate. It didn’t even work…
[attachment=2]IMG_0614 small.jpg[/attachment]

Now how about a pull station mounted so close to the panel that opening the door too hard would break it and cause a false alarm?

And the finale-- Remember 3’ rule for placing smoke detectors near air vents? If there’s a fire in this room and there’s nobody here, lots of damage.

The panel and av-34 is shocking. The t-bar is a result of Stupidity.


Holy [bad word of your choice]

it won’t be ADA Complaint :shock: if there is a fire caused by the wires the building owner will be pay fine(i know 24VDC but it is

here is a dangerous one: