Basic Panel Schematic

Here is a schematic for my Alertek 5001-DC homemade panel. This is quite simple to build (and cheap too). It has resettable power for 4-wire smoke detectors, latching / self-resetting silence, and two NACs. It does not have supervisory, though. It’s meant as a “starter” panel for people that are new to alarms, have some electronics experience, and feel comfortable assembling a homemade panel.

It’s also because FACPs on eBay are so expensive thanks to three people who shall remain nameless.

Eventually I am going to make a video about how to build one of these and “make it all nice” complete with an enclosure.

Here is the schematic:

Here is a version with a 555-based march time circuit installed on the Horn NAC

If anyone has any problems or questions, feel free to post below.

Basic Panel?

I built a basic panel with, a few LED’s and switches, and a relay!

its pretty easy, But could shock you! be careful!

I do have a question about this particular panel. How many pulls/NAs can be installed? Does it depend on the power supply, and if so, which one would you recommend?

nice diagram

It does depend on the power supply. I’d recommend a 24 VDC Linear power supply… Try to avoid a switching-type power supply at all costs, those create interference that is bad for some types of alarms.

is this for the i8005 or 8005 or 8004

Read the first post in this topic…

oh so neather

Do those output FWR or Filtered DC?

Also, on a completely unrelated note, how did you create the window and labels for the 8004?

  1. Linear regulated outputs DC. You’ll only get FWR if there’s no capacitor and regulator.

  2. Photoshop.

Sounds good. And (to clarify) are you gonna make a “how to make the Alertek 5001” sort of video explaining how to create/prepare the enclosure and possibly explain the relays?

i think on his newageserver channel he has a video on how to build it

Nope. Just checked.

not his newageserver alarm channel he has anouther channel that says newageserver

I’m not a fool. I know. His newest video on the NewAgeServer channel is a printer video.

Go back! It is an old video of him making a panel!!!

Firstly, it’s an 8004. I don’t want that, nor will Andrew release the schematics for one. Secondly, it is on his “NewAgeServerAlarm” channel. Thirdly, he said on the first post of this thread that he would make one later. Honestly, Nathan, you act as if you’re 13.

First i am 13 so if you give me a min. i will put the video here second dont talk to me like that

Please don’t talk to him that way. He has definitely been here longer than you, please respect him and don’t judge because i’m sure he is smarter than you. i’m not trying to start but you’re acting like a real kid. Learn your manners.