Building a FACP

Hi, I am building a FACP for my new system. I need somebody who has more electronic experience check over my schematic (so my fire prevention system does not turn into a fire creation system) and that I won’t have some kind of “never turning off” alarm issue. The schematic is on this webpage:

-Thank you


That thing is going to short out, I doubt this thing will even alarm.

I would honestly be careful before you attempt to do anything. I personally recommend you learning about DC electricity and electronics before going any farther. I know I’m missing a lot and I recommend that Jake reply to this thread to fill in that info.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll revise my diagram.

Well, looking at this diagram, as soon as you plugged this in, you would short your power supply. If you happened to hit the reset switch, you will cause the breaker to trip or the reset switch to arc or melt.

You still need to learn some fundamentals about electronics.


Yeah, that schematic is a big mess. I’d suggest having a look at a schematic I drew a while back.

<URL url="Basic Panel Schematic text=“viewtopic.php?f=4&t=5200”>Basic Panel Schematic

This is for that “5001-DC” panel that i put a video of on YouTube a while ago.

That is not a bridge rectifier, it is a solid state relay, and I don’t know about coils and stuff yet (output of relay?).

I see after looking this over the reset switch would not work because it is not hooked up to power facepalm

I am going to make a revised version of the panel with a real schematic creator and I’ll post it later.

No offense, but if you don’t know what a relay coil is, you shouldn’t be building a fire alarm panel.

When power is sent through the coil, it closes (turns on) the N/O terminal and opens (turns off) the N/C terminal.

Here’s an animation:

I knew what a coil was (the electromagnet or the input on SSRs) but not the technical term.

I have started REV B but stupid circuit lab or whatever has a “timed trial” that I did not know about…

Here is what I have so far:

Rev B is done.

It’s on the same webpage as before:

All I can say is a few things.

  1. That link 404s. I had to dig manually to find your schematic.

  2. It’s not going to work at all. As soon as it goes into alarm it will short out your power supply. This is because your relay coil is flipping one of the contacts – which is wired right across the coil. It’s gonna kill your input power.

    Also, your NACs have no power feed or connection to ground.

    Third, where’s your bridge rectifier, filter capacitor, and voltage regulator? Without them you’ve got straight 24 VAC.

    My best suggestion would be to quit now. Don’t give up though!

    Dig around the internet, read about electronics, look at pictures, diagrams, etc… Figure this out first.

    Also have a look at my schematic. See if you can follow along. That circuit has been tested and works.

OK, REV C. If this one won’t work I think I will need to sign up for my school’s electronics course or just buy a panel and make it down the road.

I have found a few flaws in the schematic. Please disregard Rev C.

Ok. Rev D. HOPEFULLY the last one.
Oops it says 24000 but it’s really 2400.

I’m not sure the relay would latch after looking at it more… Rev E is underway, and I’ll post it tomorrow (don’t want to spam)

Rev. E

I hope this is the final revision to this schematic.

Looks good so far, but there are two things I’ve noticed.

1.) Your LEDS do not have resistors. This will cause them to burn out, unless they have them built in.

2.) The zone LEDs will turn off when the pull station is reset.

Also, the Power LED is gonna burn up – you have the power going through it.

You really need to take that electronics class you mentioned. Everything i’ve seen from you is not going to do anything.

Keep trying – you’ll get it eventually! :slight_smile:

In reply to The Big Green: The LED’s are 24V “Built in” LEDS, so I labeled them as lamps (because they basically are).

Also, a feature of the panel is SureReset which shows if the zone has been reset, so you do not reset and BEEP BEEP BEEP happens.

When I get about $50 more I’m going to build it (Most likely in a few weeks).

In Reply to NewAgeServer: I’ll fix that, but I don’t think I’ll post it because it is a minor change.

What do you mean by that? I’m not sure. BTW your YouTube videos are great. I was also wondering what are you going to do with the i8005 annunciatior?