Cell Phones

Became a rather popular topic before the switch over, so I thought I’d bring it up again.

To refresh everyone’s memory, mine is a Nokia 6103:

And I said I changed my ring tone to the PiR theme, but I decided to change it back to my code-4 ring.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and I have T-Mobile.

I have a silver RAZR.

Mine is the gunmetal gray Moto Razr V3xx with Cingular.

LG VX8100.

I have a Silver RAZR V3 with Cingular.

Kyocera Strobe, with Alltel’s Pay-Per-Minute prepaid plan:

I got to mess with one of those Strobes recently. Kind of reminds me of a Blackberry device.

T-Mobile Motorola RAZR V3 in Silver

The QWERTY keyboard is nice for text messaging and IMing, which is what I mainly do with my phone. Or play Monopoly on it.

The disadvantage is the battery life, if you have Bluetooth turned on.

Usually you can turn it on yourself, and then when you turn off your device, it shuts itself off. At least thats what my phone does with my headset.

I have to switch Bluetooth on manually to use my headset. Same with turning it off.

I have a Palm Treo 700p smart phone :slight_smile:

In honor of Bob’s retiring, I changed my ringtone back to the PiR Theme

I have verizon.

I don’t have a cellphone yet and if I asked for one, my mother would have a heart attack.

I have a Sanyo 8100 with Sprint service.

I had an 8200 but my END button stopped working… Now I have a V3

I have a tip for those whose phones break and dont have insurance–call your service provider and talk to the warranty department. My phone started acting up and I didn’t reinstate insurance when I upgraded my line. So, I called AT&T and they replaced it because it was under waranty. So, maybe that will be a good tip for you all.

The PEBL from Motorola. I have T-Mobile and am lovin’ it.

I just switched phones yesturday, without having to renew our contract with sprint so I am only going to have this phone till april when our contract is up. I use to have a Crappy Samsung A-580, but my great uncle, who is older and never uses his phone got rit of his Sanyo PM-8200 (since his contract was up) and gave it to me so now yesturday me and my dad made the switch. So now I am using a Sanyo PM-8200. Finally I have a phone with a camera.