Devices in Your Collection That You've Never Seen in a Public Building

What sort of devices do you have in your personal collection that you’ve never seen in use in a public building?

Off the top of my head, I can only think of two in my collection, the older (1970s-80s) version of the Honeywell S464 and my EST Genesis speaker/strobe with the blue strobe. I’m sure I have a few others too.

The Gentex GOS (the multi-tone version of the SHG – otherwise known as the predecessor of the Commander2/3/4), the Simplex 4903-9102 light plate, and, oddly enough, the Wheelock RSSP strobe plate.

Alarms I could have included on this list would have been the Wheelock 34T horn and the Simplex 4901-9822 horn. The former is from a rather small Chinese restaurant close to my house (and it’s mounted on the ceiling). (My parents are usually the ones – usually not together – that order food from there, but this was after I got a haircut one time.) The latter was found in one section of the mall near where I live, which I didn’t even know they were there until I actually heard them go off for a test (I recognized that it was the sound of a fire alarm, but I didn’t know what that really was, until I looked for any fire alarms in that area of the mall).

[size=50]If anyone recognizes the buildings I just mentioned, please don’t mention them publicly.[/size]

System Sensor L-Series (Compact Version)

Amber strobe devices (SpectrAlert Advance/ Genesis)

System Sensor Low Frequency Sounders

Simplex Mechanical Horns

Kidde B5 pull stations

SpectrAlert Classic Chime/Strobes

Siemens/Faraday UMM-Ts

Amseco motor horn/strobe

Wheelock AES-EL1-WS-24

Mine would be:

Chubb I-Scan O-IV (I’ve seen other versions of the I-Scan series but not this one)

Legrand MCP varient (I’ve only seen a varient that has “ALARME INCENDIE – APPUYEZ ICI EN CAS DE NÉCESSITE” lettering on the membrane, while mine has a blank membrane)

Ademco 623-12 (including 622 same as the 623 minus the heat sensor): Never encountered these at all.

Edwards Heat Detector (only found in USA/Canada): Quite obvious

SAFT Optimo 60 (Exit sign minus the EXIT sticker) : Too old, this model is known to have its non replacable NiCD batteries leaking and the plastic shell cracking away, hence its rarity.

Let’s see:

  • Simplex 4080 10" bell
  • Faraday 10123-1
  • System Sensor RP2415/75ADA
  • Space Age V-33 strobe (newer, 110 Cd)
  • Federal Signal 450 A1 (gray)
  • SpectrAlert Advance CHR
  • SpectrAlert Advance HW
  • Gentex GEH24-R
  • Gentex GX93-R
  • I’ve probably seen an EHS-EL1 at some point
  • I have the rusty cover to a circular Standard Electric pull station
  • I don’t think I’ve seen a white Integrity horn/strobe

That’s interesting… the gray 450, GEH24-R, and GX93-R are all pretty surprising to me, since I’d consider those to all be fairly common devices.

System Sensor MHW or FCI MS-2

For me it would have to be a red Wheelock WST-24 strobe.

That’s really surprising actually.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a GX-90S with the newer clear strobe anywhere. I’ve seen the older versions and the remote horns, but never the horn-strobe versions.

Also, the MA. Never seen one without an SS strobe.

I’ve only seen GX-90s that were remote horn and never had a strobe on them.

System Sensor i3 2WTA-B

System Sensor 2300TB

System Sensor CH241575

System Sensor RRS-MOD

Wheelock HSPW-24-HFR

Wheelock RSSPA-24MCC

Notifier BNG-1RS

Potter SH-1224

I’m excluding security equipment.

My Norelco smoke detector that used to hang on a ceiling in our current home is the only device I haven’t seen in a public building.

Wheelock MT-24-IS-CFW, Edwards 884, System Sensor PC2WL, Radionics D571S, Simolex 59AV-WRF, Simplex 4901-9817, and Cerberus Pyrotronics EC-S17-S.

I’ve seen most of the devices in my collection out in the field at some point, with the major outliers being the panels I own, since they are usually locked away in electrical closets somewhere:

  • Simplex 4007ES
  • Fenwal 3220
  • Siemens SXL-EX
  • Potter Electric Signal ZIP
  • Siemens / Cerberus Pyrotronics System 3

    As for my Ansul AutoPulse 2000, DMP XR-500, and FCI FC-72 panels, the only time I’ve seen them in a building was moments before I removed them :lol:

    As for initiation and notification devices, I don’t remember coming across any of these in public:

  • Simplex 4048R Horn
  • Honeywell Q43-3A3CK1 Horn
  • Gamewell M-69 Pull Station
  • Notifier NWS-24 Strobe
  • Pyrotronics MFS-2 Pull Station
  • Faraday F625T Pull Station

I don’t have a collection but I have never seen a Simplex 4041 in person before.

I have no collection however I have never seen a bluepoint police alarm or medical alarm installed in a building. I think most people here have never seen such.

I have never seen a Gentex SHG.

These are all ones I’ve never seen in-person, I have seen some installed in pictures online:

Simplex local T-Bar 4251-21L, Edwards Adaptabel 435-6P1, Edwards Adaptabel 340 (just the version I own with the green and white label), Edwards Adaptabel W326, Edwards Adaptahorn 372, Federal Signal model 53, Faraday model 161 bell, Vulcan Autosonic Mk. 30-A

As for residential smoke detectors I own; Jameson Code One CD-1, Honeywell TC89B, Honeywell CD200A, Sears/Nalcor 246.57474, Vulcan Autosonic Mk.SRO-4, GE Home Sentry 8201-201, GE Home Sentry 8202-201, Gillette 941, Gillette 929, Fyrnetics Lifesaver 0908, Statitrol 907A2

Another alarm I’ve seen online is the GMS but I have never saw it in person.

Another few devices I’ve never spotted in public buildings:

Luminox STD 65-CES (IP 66 Waterproof version of the Luminox STD 65, for those who don’t know what the Luminox STD 65 is, it’s technically an exit sign with built-in emergency lights): I’ve never seen one.

Neutronic MCP (unknown model #): Quite common but in my area most MCPs I’ve found were eithier Nugelec, AVISS Security/DEF/Fare or Legrand.