Difference between 9129s, 9422s and all the look-a-likes

Yeah. I have been itching to ask this question for a while because it has been driving me insane. Anyway. Without hearing the alarm itself, is there an easy way to tell apart a 9219 from the look a likes?

You’d have to look under the grille and see what’s under it. If it’s shiney and silver, it’s an electromechanical horn. If it’s black with a little reflective piece in the middle in the shape of a circle, it’s a speaker. And if it looks black with silver stripes along the top and bottom of the grille, it’s an electronic horn. I own all 3 versions, but the link to the one above is the only best shot I have.

But which one shows its a 9219? Black with silver stripes along the top and bottom of the grille

No, the one that’s shiney and silver all over.

I remember seeing something shiny in the grille but I couldn’t get a really good look at it. I though shiny and silver was the 4905?

I was relieved to find out that only hallways have 9422’s. Classrooms and small rooms such as bathrooms have 9219’s.

So I guess it’s time to update my site!

Well, first off, I think you mean the -9405. Second, the -9405 and the -9219 (as well as any other Simplex electromech horn of that series) are the same alarm. The only reason the model differs is because of the strobe characteristics. The -9219 is 15cd, and the -9405 is 110cd and SmartSync.

He’s right. Weatherdan’s Simplex 9219 (which is the vibratory horn) sounds similar to a U-HNH. The 9422 sounds similar to a Wheelock AS in Continuous.

Ok, but what is the difference between a -9237 and a -9422? They sound the same…

The -9422 is 15cd and SmartSync. The -9237 is just 30cd.

I would think 9219’s would be worse, but that’s just me.

Ok. The system is not SmartSync. SO UPDATE- The school has 9237’s.

I may sound like an idiot, but I need to ask. What is a SmartSync strobe? Strobes that are in sync with the horn?

The flash of all the strobes in the area are synchronized.

Yes, on Simplex signals, so long as power is applied, the strobe does NOT flash until there’s an interruption of the current. FACPs and smartsync modules BRIEFLY interrupt the current on the strobe NAC every second, which allows the flash to occur, and all the signals to flash at the same time.

Also, again, the -9237 is 30cd. Odds are, you guys have the 15cd model, which is the -9236.

I checked it out, and the alarm looks like it could be a 9219 or 9405. Not sure which though.

Well, there should be a sticker on the lower right of the strobe on the alarm that’ll indicate the candela intensity. A green astrik is a 15cd strobe, a blue circle is 30cd, and an orange triangle is 110cd. The only way to tell if it’s a smartsync or not is to see the system when it’s activated.

I took the liberty of snaping pics of the inside of my alarms through the grille, so you’d see what it’d look like when actually viewing it.


Electronic Horn

Electromechanical Horn

Also, reguarding the candela (cd) label above, it might not be a shaped sticker - the later versions of those alarms actually had stickers with the cd rating printed on them on the strobe.

Okay, I’m trying to get all the catalog numbers straight. So far, from this thread, I know the following:

9236 - Electronic, 15cd
9237 - Electronic, 30cd
9219 - Electromech, 15cd
9405 - Electromech, 110cd, SmartSync
9422 - Electronic, 15cd, SmartSync

What are some of the others in this series? I’m mostly curious because I’d like to be able to use the numbers instead of saying “rectangular 4903 speaker” or anything of that nature.

If you want, just send me a message and I’ll send you the datasheets, which is how I know all of this to begin w/, lol. I created documents to help ID all of them, but IDK if it’s legit to be posting them…