Does anyone have any other hobbies besides fire alarm collecting

Does anyone have any other hobbies besides fire alarm collecting, my other hobby is lock collecting .

Backstage work - sound engineering, theatrical lighting, EFP livestreaming etc. It feels fantastic standing behind those huge, futuristic-looking consoles and turning your imagination of stage into reality with the assistance of modern stage technology.

Sounds like a really cool hobby

I’m an electrical apprentice by trade, and one thing I collect in the field are vintage exit signs. Not newer plastic exits, but vintage metal exits from the 60’s to the 90’s.

I also like to collect vintage plumbing parts

I think it says this on my profile, but I’m an organist.

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Cool, do you own a organ

I am an emergency services enthusiast, so I do a lot of research on Firefighting/Law Enforcement work. I also enjoy acting and I am part of my middle school theatre class.

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Cool, I was in theater in middle school too, it was fun

Yep, here’s a picture.

That is a really nice organ, what brand and year is it

Some kind of Hammond from like the 1960s.
The LEDs were an add on

That is a very cool vintage organ

Thanks. I also have a pump organ from 1887

Wow, that one is even cooler than the first one

Bellows need to be replaced tho

Well it is still a really cool organ

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That’s insanely cool!

EDM Producing (Not the greatest though), I collect retro electronics (VCRs, Tape Players, etc.), and I also write code sometimes. I have also been getting into an online FD scanner that @WheelockNS showed me.


It’s highly possible for you to become a great retro-futuristic dawless cyberpunk vaporwave/citypop style composer&producer in future!

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