Does anyone have pictures of a Firecom 8500?

Hello guys! So I have been wondering what the Firecom 8500 panel looked like. They were in WTC7 and played the eerie tones. Does anybody have any pictures of one?

@Wei_Huan has some i think

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I know Wei_Huan has at least one of a Firecom 8000 I believe but I’m not sure he’s managed to find an 8500 that hasn’t been upgraded to an LSN-2000.

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No pictures of the acutal panel control interface yet, i kinda doubt anyone will ever find one since all the 8000/8500 systems have been replaced in the early 2000s and 2010s, however i did find old installations where they kept the old 8000/8500 wall cabinet and some of the panels used in the old systems.

Both panels are in different buildings.

Closest thing i have found related to the 8000/8500 that haven’t been know yet except for the panel cabs is, the TTB enclosure and AMP racks and a Panel Voice Bay used in the systems.

A Firecom 8000 TTB (Transmission Termianl Box) used to monitor and control devices on the floor it serves as stated in the patent.

Firecom 8000 Amp rack seen inside Firecom’s testing room, these would have been found on 8000/8500 systems and is where all the amplifers were, you can also see in the patent picture above this is item 62 in the image.
Firecom 8000 Amp Rack

i have also found the old 8000/8500 system’s “Audio Control Panel” which was left behind in this 8500 to LSN2000 conversion and still mounted in the panel.

Heres something else interesting if you think a 8500 was rare how about a non voice one, this was in a mid 1980s highrise apartment and it might still have the original system, there is no smoke detectors on this system, only pull stations and bells and a phone system and the system looks like its been the same and haven’t been upgraded, did not find any photos of the panels in the building from my research unfortunately.

Still actively looking for more info and pictures so ill update if anything comes up

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In any case I hope as many as possible older Firecom systems including both the 8000 & the 8500 are saved: those things are valuable pieces of life safety history! (especially with so few likely still in service)

Ooh! Nice! Very cool and very rare! The 8500 I think was replaced too early to find out what it looked like. Hopefully someday we’ll find out what they looked like. Thanks for sharing the photos!

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